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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<string name="app_name" translatable="false">Automation</string>
<string name="ruleActivate">Activating rule %1$s</string>
<string name="profileActivate">Activating profile %1$s</string>
<string name="ruleActivateToggle">Activating rule %1$s in Togglemode</string>
<string name="addPoi">Add location</string>
<string name="addRule">Add Rule</string>
<string name="poiList">Location List:</string>
<string name="ruleList">Rule List:</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidName">Please enter a valid name.</string>
<string name="pleaseSpecifiyTrigger">Please specify at least one trigger.</string>
<string name="pleaseSpecifiyAction">Please specify at least one action.</string>
<string name="serviceWontStart">No rules defined. Service won\'t start.</string>
<string name="serviceStarted">Automation Service started.</string>
<string name="version">Version %1$s.</string>
<string name="logServiceStarting" translatable="false">Starting service.</string>
<string name="logNotAllMeasurings" translatable="false">Don\'t have all location measurings, yet. Can\'t do comparison.</string>
<string name="distanceBetween">Distance between GPS location and network location is %1$d meters. This +1m should be the absolute minimum radius.</string>
<string name="comparing" translatable="false">Have both network and gps location. Comparing...</string>
<string name="logNoSuitableProvider" translatable="false">No suitable location providers could be used.</string>
<string name="positioningWindowNotice">If you are in a building it is strongly advised to place your device next to a window until a position has been found. Otherwise it may take a very long time if it is able to find one at all.</string>
<string name="gettingPosition">Getting position. Please wait...</string>
<string name="logGettingPositionWithProvider" translatable="false">Requesting location using provider:</string>
<string name="yes">Yes</string>
<string name="no">No</string>
<string name="logGotGpsUpdate" translatable="false">Got GPS update. Accuracy:</string>
<string name="logGotNetworkUpdate" translatable="false">Got network update. Accuracy:</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidLatitude">Please enter a valid latitude.</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidLongitude">Please enter a valid longitude.</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidRadius">Please enter a valid positive radius.</string>
<string name="selectOneDay">Select at least one day.</string>
<string name="logAttemptingToBindToService" translatable="false">Attempting to bind to service... </string>
<string name="logAttemptingToUnbindFromService" translatable="false">Attempting to unbind from service... </string>
<string name="logBoundToService" translatable="false">Bound to service.</string>
<string name="logUnboundFromService" translatable="false">Unbound from service.</string>
<string name="logServiceAlreadyRunning" translatable="false">Request to start service, but it is already running.</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithRule">Do what with rule?</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithPoi">Do what with location?</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithProfile">Do what with profile?</string>
<string name="delete">delete</string>
<string name="deleteCapital">Delete</string>
<string name="serviceStopped">Automation service stopped.</string>
<string name="logServiceStopping">Stopping service.</string>
<string name="stillGettingPosition">Still getting position</string>
<string name="lastRule">Last Rule:</string>
<string name="at">at</string>
<string name="service">Service:</string>
<string name="getCurrentPosition">Get current location</string>
<string name="savePoi">Save location</string>
<string name="deletePoi">Delete location</string>
<string name="latitude">Latitude</string>
<string name="longitude">Longitude</string>
<string name="ruleName">Rule name</string>
<string name="triggers">Trigger(s)</string>
<string name="triggersComment">and-connected (all have to apply at the same time)</string>
<string name="addTrigger">Add trigger</string>
<string name="actions">Action(s)</string>
<string name="actionsComment">(will be executed in that order)</string>
<string name="addAction">Add action</string>
<string name="saveRule">Save Rule</string>
<string name="monday">Monday</string>
<string name="tuesday">Tuesday</string>
<string name="wednesday">Wednesday</string>
<string name="thursday">Thursday</string>
<string name="friday">Friday</string>
<string name="saturday">Saturday</string>
<string name="sunday">Sunday</string>
<string name="start">Start</string>
<string name="end">End</string>
<string name="save">Save</string>
<string name="urlToTrigger">URL to trigger:</string>
<string name="urlLegend">Variables:\nYou can use the following variables. Upon triggering they will be replaced with the corresponding value on your device. Include the brackets in your text.\n\n[uniqueid] - Your device\'s unique id\n[serialnr] - Your device\'s serial number (&lt; Android 9)\n[latitude] - Your device\'s latitude\n[longitude] - Your device\'s longitude\n[phonenr] - Number of last incoming or outgoing call\n[d] - Day of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros\n[m] - Numeric representation of a month, with leading zeros\n[Y] - A full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits\n[h] - 12-hour format of an hour with leading zeros\n[H] - 24-hour format of an hour with leading zeros\n[i] - Minutes with leading zeros\n[s] - Seconds, with leading zeros\n[ms] - milliseconds\n[notificationTitle] - title of last notification\n[notificationText] - text of last notification</string>
<string name="wifi">wifi</string>
<string name="activating">Activating</string>
<string name="deactivating">Deactivating</string>
<string name="bluetoothFailed">Failed to trigger Bluetooth. Does this device have Bluetooth?</string>
<string name="urlTooShort">The url has to have least 10 characters.</string>
<string name="enterPhoneNumberAndText">Enter a phone number and a text.</string>
<string name="selectTypeOfTrigger">Select type of trigger</string>
<string name="entering">entering</string>
<string name="leaving">leaving</string>
<string name="noPoisSpecified">You haven\'t specified any locations. Do that first.</string>
<string name="started">started</string>
<string name="stopped">stopped</string>
<string name="connected">connected</string>
<string name="disconnected">disconnected</string>
<string name="selectPoi">Select location</string>
<string name="selectTypeOfAction">Select type of action</string>
<string name="selectSoundProfile">Select sound profile</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithTrigger">What to do with trigger?</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithAction">What to do with action?</string>
<string name="radiusHasToBePositive">Radius has to be a positive number.</string>
<string name="poiStillReferenced">There are still rules that reference this location (%1$s). I can\'t delete it, yet.</string>
<string name="generalSettings">General settings</string>
<string name="startAtSystemBoot">Start at system boot</string>
<string name="onOff">On/Off</string>
<string name="writeLogFile">Write log file</string>
<string name="useTextToSpeechOnNormalSummary">Use TextToSpeech on normal</string>
<string name="useTextToSpeechOnVibrateSummary">Use TextToSpeech on vibrate</string>
<string name="useTextToSpeechOnSilentSummary">Use TextToSpeech on silent</string>
<string name="useTextToSpeechOnNormalTitle">TTS on normal</string>
<string name="useTextToSpeechOnVibrateTitle">TTS on vibrate</string>
<string name="useTextToSpeechOnSilentTitle">TTS on silent</string>
<string name="positioningSettings">Positioning settings</string>
<string name="listenToWifiState">Listen to wifi state changes where possible</string>
<string name="wifiState">Wifi state</string>
<string name="listenToAccelerometerState">Observe device movement where wifi is not available</string>
<string name="accelerometer">Accelerometer</string>
<string name="accelerometerTimer">Use Accelerometer after x minutes without tower mast change</string>
<string name="cellMastIdleTime">Cell tower idle time</string>
<string name="accelerometerThresholdDescription">Threshold for accelerometer movements</string>
<string name="accelerometerThreshold">Accelerometer threshold</string>
<string name="positioningThresholds">Positioning thresholds</string>
<string name="minimumDistanceChangeForGpsLocationUpdates">Minimum distance change for gps location updates</string>
<string name="distanceForGpsUpdate">Distance for gps update [m]</string>
<string name="minimumDistanceChangeForNetworkLocationUpdates">Minimum distance change for network location updates</string>
<string name="distanceForNetworkUpdate">Distance for network update [m]</string>
<string name="satisfactoryAccuracyGps">Satisfactory accuracy when getting location via gps in meters</string>
<string name="gpsAccuracy">GPS accuracy [m]</string>
<string name="satisfactoryAccuracyNetwork">Satisfactory accuracy when getting location via cell towers in meters</string>
<string name="networkAccuracy">Network accuracy [m]</string>
<string name="minimumTimeForLocationUpdates">Minimum time change in milliseconds for location updates</string>
<string name="timeForUpdate">Time for update [milliseconds]</string>
<string name="soundSettings">Sound settings</string>
<string name="showHelp">Show help</string>
<string name="rules">Rules</string>
<string name="helpTextRules">All triggers in a rule are AND-connected. The rule will only apply if all triggers are met. If you want OR, create another rule.</string>
<string name="timeframes">TimeFrames</string>
<string name="helpTextTimeFrame">If you specify a rule with a timeframe you have two choices. You can choose between entering OR leaving a timeframe. Either way a rule is triggered only once. So if you create a rule that has \"entering timeframe xyz\" as trigger and let it change your sound profile to vibrate that does not mean that the phone will automatically go to ring if the timeframe is over. If you want that you need to specify another rule with another timeframe.</string>
<string name="helpTextSound">On the main screen you can use lock sound changes to temporarily avoid rule based sound changes. E.g. you may be in a situation or place where usually ringtones are ok, but this one time it would be disturbing. The feature will automatically deactivate once the configured time has elapsed. Click the + button to add the given amount of time. Once it is active you may deactivate it again using the toggle button (and that way enable rule based sound changes again).</string>
<string name="toggableRules">Toggable rules</string>
<string name="helpTextToggable">Rules have a flag called \"Toggable\". This means that if a rule is executed and afterwards the same triggers apply again the rule will be executed in an opposite mode where applicable. Currently this will only happen in conjunction with NFC tags. If you tap them twice and there\'s a toggable rule associated with it it will do the opposite of the current situation, e.g. deactivate wifi if it\'s currently activated.</string>
<string name="helpTextProcessMonitoring">If you specify a rule with a process monitor the application will check for that process every x seconds (you can change that in settings). I know that can be kind of slow, but continuous monitoring would drain the battery to fast. And there is no broadcast from the OS for that event.</string>
<string name="helpTitleEnergySaving">Energy saving</string>
<string name="helpTextEnergySaving">Many Android device manufacturers try to save energy by limiting the background activity of running apps. Unfortunately that often results in those apps not working properly, Automation is amongst these. See this <a href="">webpage</a> on how to find out how to exclude Automation from those measures.</string>
<string name="speedMaximumTimeBetweenLocations">Maximum time between 2 locations for speed determination.</string>
<string name="speedMaximumTime">Time in minutes</string>
<string name="exceeds">exceeds</string>
<string name="dropsBelow">drops below</string>
<string name="settingsCategoryNoiseLevelMeasurements">Noise level measurement</string>
<string name="timeBetweenNoiseLevelMeasurementsSummary">Seconds between noise level measurements</string>
<string name="timeBetweenNoiseLevelMeasurementsTitle">Seconds between noise level measurements</string>
<string name="lengthOfNoiseLevelMeasurementsSummary">Length in seconds for each noise level measurement</string>
<string name="lengthOfNoiseLevelMeasurementsTitle">Length of each noise level measurement</string>
<string name="referenceValueForNoiseLevelMeasurementsSummary">Physical reference value for noise level measurement</string>
<string name="referenceValueForNoiseLevelMeasurementsTitle">Reference for noise measurement</string>
<string name="logLevelSummary">Log level (1=minimum, 5=maximum)</string>
<string name="logLevelTitle">Log level</string>
<string name="ruleActive">Rule active</string>
<string name="triggerPointOfInterest">Location</string>
<string name="triggerTimeFrame">Timeframe</string>
<string name="triggerCharging">Battery charging</string>
<string name="triggerUsb_host_connection">USB connection to a computer</string>
<string name="triggerSpeed">Speed</string>
<string name="triggerNoiseLevel">Background noise level</string>
<string name="actionSetWifi">Wifi</string>
<string name="actionSetBluetooth">Bluetooth</string>
<string name="actionSetUsbTethering">USB Tethering</string>
<string name="actionSetWifiTethering">Wifi Tethering</string>
<string name="actionSetBluetoothTethering">Bluetooth Tethering</string>
<string name="actionSetDisplayRotation">Display rotation</string>
<string name="actionTurnWifiOn">turn Wifi on</string>
<string name="actionTurnWifiOff">turn Wifi off</string>
<string name="actionTurnBluetoothOn">turn Bluetooth on</string>
<string name="actionTurnBluetoothOff">turn Bluetooth off</string>
<string name="actionTriggerUrl">Trigger a URL</string>
<string name="actionChangeSoundProfile">Change sound profile</string>
<string name="actionTurnUsbTetheringOn">turn USB Tethering on</string>
<string name="actionTurnUsbTetheringOff">turn USB Tethering off</string>
<string name="actionTurnWifiTetheringOn">turn Wifi Tethering on</string>
<string name="actionTurnWifiTetheringOff">turn Wifi Tethering off</string>
<string name="actionTurnBluetoothTetheringOn">turn Bluetooth Tethering on</string>
<string name="actionTurnBluetoothTetheringOff">turn Bluetooth Tethering off</string>
<string name="actionTurnAirplaneModeOn">turn airplane mode on</string>
<string name="actionTurnAirplaneModeOff">turn airplane mode off</string>
<string name="actionEnableScreenRotation">enable screen rotation</string>
<string name="actionDisableScreenRotation">disable screen rotation</string>
<string name="screenRotationEnabled">ScreenRotation enabled.</string>
<string name="screenRotationDisabled">ScreenRotation disabled.</string>
<string name="screenRotationAlreadyEnabled">ScreenRotation was already enabled.</string>
<string name="screenRotationAlreadyDisabled">ScreenRotation was already disabled.</string>
<string name="noPoisDefinedShort">No locations defined.</string>
<string name="activePoi">Active location:</string>
<string name="closestPoi">Closest location:</string>
<string name="overview">Overview</string>
<string name="poi">Location</string>
<string name="pois">Locations</string>
<string name="helpTextPoi">A location is made up of GPS coordinates and a radius. Since positioning via cell towers is rather unprecise (but fast and cheap) do not specify the radius too small. The application will suggest you a minimum radius when you create a new location.</string>
<string name="serviceNotRunning">Service is not running.</string>
<string name="general">General</string>
<string name="generalText">To use this program you must setup rules. Those contain triggers, e.g. if you reach a specified area or you enter a certain time. After that\'s been done click the on/off button on the main screen.</string>
<string name="unknownActionSpecified" translatable="false">Unknown action specified</string>
<string name="logErrorTriggeringUrl" translatable="false">Error triggering URL</string>
<string name="errorChangingScreenRotation" translatable="false">Error changing screen rotation</string>
<string name="errorDeterminingWifiApState" translatable="false">Error determining wifiAp state</string>
<string name="errorActivatingWifiAp" translatable="false">Error activating wifiAp</string>
<string name="failedToTriggerBluetooth">Failed to trigger Bluetooth. Does this device have Bluetooth?</string>
<string name="logAttemptingDownloadOf" translatable="false">attempting download of</string>
<string name="logErrorGettingConnectionManagerService" translatable="false">Error getting connectionManager service. Not doing anything to UsbTethering.</string>
<string name="logErrorDeterminingCurrentUsbTetheringState" translatable="false">Error determining current UsbTethering state.</string>
<string name="logDetectingTetherableUsbInterface" translatable="false">Detecting tetherable usb interface.</string>
<string name="logClearingBothLocationListeners" translatable="false">Clearing both location listeners.</string>
<string name="logStartingServiceAfterAppUpdate" translatable="false">Starting service after app update.</string>
<string name="logNotStartingServiceAfterAppUpdate" translatable="false">Not starting service after app update.</string>
<string name="logStartingServiceAtPhoneBoot" translatable="false">Starting service at phone boot.</string>
<string name="logNotStartingServiceAtPhoneBoot" translatable="false">Not starting service at phone boot.</string>
<string name="applicationHasBeenUpdated" translatable="false">Application has been updated.</string>
<string name="startServiceAfterAppUpdate">Start service automatically after app update if it has been running before.</string>
<string name="startServiceAfterAppUpdateShort">Start service after update</string>
<string name="wifiConnection">Wifi connection</string>
<string name="wifiName">Wifi name</string>
<string name="enterWifiName">Enter a wifi name. Leave empty for any wifi.</string>
<string name="cancel">Cancel</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyWeAreSlowerThan" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. We are slower than</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyWeAreFasterThan" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. We are faster than</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyItsQuieterThan" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. It\'s quieter than</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyItsLouderThan" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. It\'s louder than</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyBatteryLowerThan" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. Battery level is lower than</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyBatteryHigherThan" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. Battery level is higher than</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyNotTheCorrectSsid" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. Not the correct SSID (demanded: \"%2$s\", given: \"%3$s\").</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyNoTagLabel" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. There is no tag label or not tag at all.</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyWrongTagLabel" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. Wrong tag label.</string>
<string name="ruleIsDeactivatedCantApply" translatable="false">Rule %1$s is deactivated, can\'t apply.</string>
<string name="starting">starting</string>
<string name="stopping">stopping</string>
<string name="connecting">connecting</string>
<string name="disconnecting">disconnecting</string>
<string name="exceeding">exceeding</string>
<string name="droppingBelow">dropping below</string>
<string name="connectedToWifi">connected to wifi \"%1$s\"</string>
<string name="disconnectedFromWifi">disconnected from wifi \"%1$s\"</string>
<string name="anyWifi">any wifi</string>
<string name="cantStopIt">Can\'t stop it.</string>
<string name="settingsCategoryHttp">HTTP(s) Requests</string>
<string name="httpAcceptAllCertificatesTitle">Accept all certificates</string>
<string name="httpAcceptAllCertificatesSummary">Skip validity check of SSL certificates (recommended against activating this)</string>
<string name="httpAttemptsSummary">Number of attempts in case HTTP requests fail for connectivity reasons</string>
<string name="httpAttemptsTitle">Number of HTTP attempts</string>
<string name="httpAttemptsTimeoutSummary">Timeout for HTTP requests [seconds]</string>
<string name="httpAttemptsTimeoutTitle">Timeout [sec]</string>
<string name="httpAttemptGapSummary">Pause before another attempt [seconds]</string>
<string name="httpAttemptGapTitle">Pause [sec]</string>
<string name="runManually">Run manually</string>
<string name="serviceHasToRunForThat">The service has to be running for that.</string>
<string name="gpsComparison">GPS comparison</string>
<string name="gpsComparisonTimeoutStop" translatable="false">Stopping comparison GPS measurement due to timeout.</string>
<string name="timeoutForGpsComparisonsTitle">GPS timeout [sec]</string>
<string name="timeoutForGpsComparisonsSummary">Maximum time in seconds to trying getting a GPS location for comparison. If over last known location will be applied.</string>
<string name="startingGpsTimeout" translatable="false">Starting GPS timeout.</string>
<string name="forcedLocationUpdate" translatable="false">Forced location update</string>
<string name="forcedLocationUpdateLong" translatable="false">Due to timeout in comparison measurement the last best location will be applied.</string>
<string name="rememberLastActivePoiSummary">If you are at a location, restart your device or the application and leave the location the application will run rules accociated to leaving the location upon its next start.</string>
<string name="rememberLastActivePoiTitle">Remember last active location</string>
<string name="muteTextToSpeechDuringCallsTitle">Mute during calls</string>
<string name="muteTextToSpeechDuringCallsSummary">Mute TextToSpeech during calls</string>
<string name="anotherPoiByThatName">There is already another location by that name.</string>
<string name="anotherRuleByThatName">There is already another rule by that name.</string>
<string name="startOtherActivity">Start another program</string>
<string name="selectApplication">Select app</string>
<string name="selectPackageOfApplication">Select package of application</string>
<string name="selectActivityToBeStarted">Select activity of chosen package</string>
<string name="errorStartingOtherActivity">Error starting other activity</string>
<string name="anotherAppIsRunning">Another app is started/stopped</string>
<string name="settingsCategoryProcessMonitoring">Process monitoring</string>
<string name="timeBetweenProcessMonitoringsTitle">Seconds between process monitorings</string>
<string name="timeBetweenProcessMonitoringsSummary">The lower, the higher the battery usage</string>
<string name="refreshingProcessList" translatable="false">Refreshing process list.</string>
<string name="processes">Processes</string>
<string name="startingPeriodicProcessMonitoringEngine" translatable="false">Starting periodic process monitoring engine.</string>
<string name="processMonitoring">Process monitoring</string>
<string name="periodicProcessMonitoringIsAlreadyRunning" translatable="false">Periodic process monitoring is already running. Won\'t start it again.</string>
<string name="stoppingPeriodicProcessMonitoringEngine" translatable="false">Stopping periodic process monitoring engine.</string>
<string name="periodicProcessMonitoringIsNotActive" translatable="false">Periodic process monitoring is not active. Can\'t stop it.</string>
<string name="periodicProcessMonitoringStarted" translatable="false">Periodic process monitoring started.</string>
<string name="periodicProcessMonitoringStopped" translatable="false">Periodic process monitoring stopped.</string>
<string name="rearmingProcessMonitoringMessage" translatable="false">Rearming process monitoring message.</string>
<string name="notRearmingProcessMonitoringMessageStopRequested" translatable="false">Not rearming process monitoring message, stop requested.</string>
<string name="messageReceivedStatingProcessMonitoringIsComplete" translatable="false">Message received stating process monitoring is complete.</string>
<string name="appStarted" translatable="false">App started.</string>
<string name="appStopped" translatable="false">App stopped.</string>
<string name="runningApp" translatable="false">Running app</string>
<string name="errorWritingSettingsToPersistentMemory" translatable="false">Error writing settings to persistent memory.</string>
<string name="settings">Settings</string>
<string name="writingSettingsToPersistentMemory" translatable="false">Writing settings to persistent memory.</string>
<string name="refreshingSettingsFromFileToMemory" translatable="false">Refreshing settings from file to memory.</string>
<string name="errorReadingSettings" translatable="false">Error reading settings.</string>
<string name="invalidStuffStoredInSettingsErasing" translatable="false">Invalid stuff stored in settings. Erasing settings...</string>
<string name="initializingSettingsToPersistentMemory" translatable="false">Initializing settings to persistent memory.</string>
<string name="errorInitializingSettingsToPersistentMemory" translatable="false">Error initializing settings to persistent memory.</string>
<string name="settingsErased">Settings erased.</string>
<string name="settingsSetToDefault">Settings set to default.</string>
<string name="batteryLevel">Battery level</string>
<string name="selectSpeed">Select speed</string>
<string name="selectBattery">Select battery level</string>
<string name="applyingSettingsAndRules" translatable="false">Applying settings, rules and locations.</string>
<string name="privacy">Privacy Policy</string>
<string name="privacyConfirmationText">A browser will now open on your device and load the privacy policy from the developer\'s website.</string>
<string name="waitBeforeNextAction">Wait before next action</string>
<string name="wakeupDevice">Wakeup device</string>
<string name="waitBeforeNextActionEnterValue">Enter a value in milliseconds how long it should be waited before next action.</string>
<string name="wakeupDeviceValue">Enter a value in milliseconds how long device should at least stay awake. 0 for default values.</string>
<string name="enterAPositiveValidNonDecimalNumber">Enter a positive valid non-decimal number.</string>
<string name="moveUp">Move up</string>
<string name="moveDown">Move down</string>
<string name="cantMoveUp">Can\'t move item up. It is already at the top.</string>
<string name="cantMoveDown">Can\'t move item down. It is already at the bottom.</string>
<string name="wifiNameSpecifiedCheckingThat" translatable="false">Wifi name specified, checking that.</string>
<string name="wifiNameMatchesRuleWillApply" translatable="false">Wifi name matches. Rule will apply.</string>
<string name="noWifiNameSpecifiedAnyWillDo" translatable="false">No wifi name specified, any will do.</string>
<string name="ruleCheckOf" translatable="false">RuleCheck of %1$s</string>
<string name="airplaneMode">Airplane mode</string>
<string name="activate">Activate</string>
<string name="deactivate">Deactivate</string>
<string name="airplaneModeSdk17Warning">Beginning from Android version 4.2 this feature only works if your device is rooted.</string>
<string name="triggerUrlReplacementPositionError" translatable="false">You asked for a position to be added to your URL. Unfortunately at this point I do not have any location, yet.</string>
<string name="addIntentValue">Add Intent pair</string>
<string name="parameterName">Parameter name</string>
<string name="parameterValue">Parameter value</string>
<string name="parameterType">Parameter type</string>
<string name="selectTypeOfIntentPair">Select a type for the intent pair.</string>
<string name="enterNameForIntentPair">Enter a name for the intent pair.</string>
<string name="enterValueForIntentPair">Enter a value for the intent pair.</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithIntentPair">What to do with pair?</string>
<string name="gettingListOfInstalledApplications">Getting list of installed applications...</string>
<string name="timeFrameWhichDays">On which days?</string>
<string name="insideOrOutsideTimeFrames">Inside or outside those timeframes?</string>
<string name="selectToggleDirection">Switch on or off?</string>
<string name="name">Name</string>
<string name="radiusWithUnit">Radius [m]</string>
<string name="status">Status</string>
<string name="actionDataConnection">Data connection</string>
<string name="actionSetDataConnectionOn">turn mobile data on</string>
<string name="actionSetDataConnectionOff">turn mobile data off</string>
<string name="roaming">Roaming</string>
<string name="activated">activated</string>
<string name="deactivated">deactivated</string>
<string name="until">until</string>
<string name="application">Application</string>
<string name="is">is</string>
<string name="phoneCall">Phone call</string>
<string name="with">with</string>
<string name="phoneNumber">Phone number</string>
<string name="enterPhoneNumber">Enter phone number. Leave empty for any number.</string>
<string name="phoneDirection">Select call\ndirection</string>
<string name="any">any</string>
<string name="incoming">incoming</string>
<string name="outgoing">outgoing</string>
<string name="incomingAdjective">incoming</string>
<string name="outgoingAdjective">outgoing</string>
<string name="anyNumber">any number</string>
<string name="number">number</string>
<string name="nfcTag">NFC tag</string>
<string name="closeTo">close to</string>
<string name="withLabel">with label</string>
<string name="deviceDoesNotHaveNfc">It appears this device does not have NFC.</string>
<string name="nfcReadTag">Read ID from tag</string>
<string name="nfcWriteTag">Write tag</string>
<string name="nfcEnterValidIdentifier">Enter a valid identifier for the tag (like \"Home front door\").</string>
<string name="nfcTagWrittenSuccessfully">Tag written successfully.</string>
<string name="nfcTagWriteError">Error writing tag. Is it in range?</string>
<string name="nfcTagDiscovered">Tag discovered.</string>
<string name="nfcBringTagIntoRange">Bring an NFC tag into range.</string>
<string name="nfcTagFoundWithText">Tag found with text:</string>
<string name="nfcUnsupportedEncoding">Unsupported encoding:</string>
<string name="nfcNoNdefIntentBut">No NFC NDEF intent, but</string>
<string name="nfcNotSupportedInThisAndroidVersionYet">NFC not supported in this Android version, yet.</string>
<string name="cantRunRule">Cannot run rules.</string>
<string name="cantDownloadTooFewRequestsInSettings" translatable="false">Can\'t download anything. Amount of http requests in settings is lower than 1.</string>
<string name="nfcApplyTagToRule">Apply tag to rule</string>
<string name="nfcTagReadSuccessfully">Tag read successfully.</string>
<string name="nfcValueNotSuitable">Value stored not suitable.</string>
<string name="nfcNoTag">No tag present.</string>
<string name="newNfcId">Write new NFC ID</string>
<string name="useExistingTag">Use existing NFC tag</string>
<string name="newId">New ID:</string>
<string name="currentId">Current ID:</string>
<string name="nfcTagDataNotUsable">Tag data no usable, write anew.</string>
<string name="nfcBringTagIntoRangeToRead">Bring a tag into range to read.</string>
<string name="toggleRule">Toggle rule</string>
<string name="toggling">Toggling</string>
<string name="toggle">toggle</string>
<string name="overlapBetweenPois">Overlap detected to location %1$s of %2$s meters. Reduce radius by at least that.</string>
<string name="noOverLap" translatable="false">No overlap to other locations detected.</string>
<string name="ruleToggable" translatable="false">Rule %1$s is toggable.</string>
<string name="ruleNotToggable" translatable="false">Rule %1$s is not suitable for toggling.</string>
<string name="none">none</string>
<string name="anyLocation">any location</string>
<string name="invalidPoiName">Invalid name for location.</string>
<string name="eraseSettings">Erase settings</string>
<string name="defaultSettings">Default settings</string>
<string name="areYouSure">Are you sure?</string>
<string name="poiCouldBeInRange" translatable="false">At least location %1$s could be in range, if not others in addition.</string>
<string name="noPoiInRelevantRange" translatable="false">No location in relevant range.</string>
<string name="activityDetection">Activity detection</string>
<string name="android.permission.ACTIVITY_RECOGNITION">Activity detection</string>
<string name="detectedActivity">Detected activity:</string>
<string name="detectedActivityInVehicle">In vehicle (car/bus)</string>
<string name="detectedActivityOnBicycle">On bicycle</string>
<string name="detectedActivityOnFoot">On foot</string>
<string name="detectedActivityStill">Still</string>
<string name="detectedActivityUnknown">unknown</string>
<string name="detectedActivityTilting">Tilting</string>
<string name="detectedActivityWalking">Walking</string>
<string name="detectedActivityRunning">Running</string>
<string name="detectedActivityInvalidStatus">Invalid activity</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyActivityGivenButTooLowProbability" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. Detected activity %2$s given, but too low probability (%3$s %%), required %4$s %%.</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyActivityNotPresent" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. Required activity %2$s not present.</string>
<string name="selectTypeOfActivity">Select type of activity</string>
<string name="triggerOnlyAvailableIfPlayServicesInstalled">This trigger is only available if Google Play Services is installed.</string>
<string name="activityDetectionFrequencyTitle">Activity detection frequency [sec]</string>
<string name="activityDetectionFrequencySummary">Seconds between attempts to detect activity.</string>
<string name="activityDetectionRequiredProbabilityTitle">Activity detection probability</string>
<string name="activityDetectionRequiredProbabilitySummary">Certainty from which activities are accepted as fact.</string>
<string name="incomingCallFrom">Incoming telephone call from %1$s.</string>
<string name="outgoingCallTo">Outgoing telephone call to %1$s.</string>
<string name="actionSpeakText">Speak text</string>
<string name="textToSpeak">Text to speak</string>
<string name="toggleNotAllowed">Toggling is currently only allowed for rules that have NFC tags as trigger. See help for further information.</string>
<string name="errorReadingPoisAndRulesFromFile">Error reading locations and rules from file.</string>
<string name="noDataChangedReadingAnyway">It appears no data change has been saved. However there may have been changes in memory that need to be rolled back. Rereading file.</string>
<string name="bluetoothConnection">Bluetooth connection</string>
<string name="bluetoothConnectionTo">Bluetooth connection to %1$s</string>
<string name="bluetoothDisconnectFrom">Bluetooth connection to %1$s torn</string>
<string name="bluetoothDeviceInRange">Bluetooth device %1$s in range.</string>
<string name="bluetoothDeviceOutOfRange">Bluetooth device %1$s out of range.</string>
<string name="anyDevice">any device</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyNotTheCorrectDeviceName" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. Not the correct bluetooth device name.</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyNotTheCorrectDeviceAddress" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. Not the correct bluetooth device address.</string>
<string name="noDevice">no device</string>
<string name="selectDeviceFromList">one from list</string>
<string name="connectionToDevice">connection to device</string>
<string name="disconnectionFromDevice">disconnection from device</string>
<string name="deviceInRange">device in range</string>
<string name="deviceOutOfRange">device out of range</string>
<string name="selectDeviceOption">Select a device option.</string>
<string name="selectConnectionOption">Select a connection option.</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyDeviceInRangeButShouldNotBe" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. Device is in range, but should not be.</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyStateNotCorrect" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. Wrong state.</string>
<string name="triggerHeadsetPlugged">Headset connection</string>
<string name="actionPlayMusic">Open music player</string>
<string name="headsetConnected">Headset (type: %1$s) connected</string>
<string name="headsetDisconnected">Headset (type: %1$s) disconnected</string>
<string name="headphoneSimple">Headphone</string>
<string name="headphoneMicrophone">Microphone</string>
<string name="headphoneAny">Either</string>
<string name="headphoneSelectType">Select type of headphone</string>
<string name="ruleDoesntApplyWrongHeadphoneType" translatable="false">Rule %1$s doesn\'t apply. Wrong headphone type.</string>
<string name="ignoringActivityDetectionUpdateTooSoon" translatable="false">Ignoring activity detection update. Came in sooner that %1$s seconds.</string>
<string name="whatsThis">What\'s this?</string>
<string name="atLeastRuleXisUsingY" translatable="false">At least rule \"%1$s\" is using a trigger of type \"%2$s\".</string>
<string name="privacyLocationingTitle">Only private locationing</string>
<string name="privacyLocationingSummary">Avoid locationing methods that may send your location to a provider, e.g. Google. This will use GPS only and may therefore be slow or not work reliably.</string>
<string name="enforcingGps" translatable="false">Private Locationing enabled, enforcing GPS use.</string>
<string name="notEnforcingGps" translatable="false">Private Locationing not enabled, using regular provider search.</string>
<string name="gpsMeasurement" translatable="false">GPS measurement</string>
<string name="gpsMeasurementTimeout" translatable="false">GPS measurement stopped due to timeout.</string>
<string name="cellMastChanged" translatable="false">Cell tower changed: %1$s</string>
<string name="noiseDetectionHint">If you think the noise detection isn\'t working correctly (depending on the value you specify) please keep in mind that every phone is different. You can therefore change \"Reference for noise measurement\" in settings. See for more information. You can use the volume calibrator from the main screen to calibrate your device.</string>
<string name="hint">Hint</string>
<string name="selectNoiseLevel">Select noise level</string>
<string name="poiHasWifiStoppingCellLocationListener" translatable="false">Location has wifi. Stopping CellLocationChangedReceiver.</string>
<string name="poiHasNoWifiNotStoppingCellLocationListener" translatable="false">Location doesn\'t have wifi. Not stopping CellLocationChangedReceiver.</string>
<string name="showOnMap">Show on map</string>
<string name="noMapsApplicationFound">No maps application found on your device.</string>
<string name="locationEngineNotActive">Location engine not active.</string>
<string name="addProfile">Add profile</string>
<string name="profile">Profile</string>
<string name="soundMode">Sound mode</string>
<string name="volumes">Volumes</string>
<string name="incomingCallsRingtone">Tone for incoming calls</string>
<string name="notificationRingtone">Tone for notifications</string>
<string name="hapticFeedback">Haptic feedback (vibrate when touching screen)</string>
<string name="volumeMusicVideoGameMedia">Music, video, game and other media</string>
<string name="volumeRingtoneNotifications">Ringtone and notifications</string>
<string name="volumeAlarms">Alarms</string>
<string name="change">Change</string>
<string name="audibleSelection">Audible selection (sound when making screen selection)</string>
<string name="screenLockUnlockSound">Screen lock/unlock sound</string>
<string name="vibrateWhenRinging">Vibrate when ringing</string>
<string name="profiles">Profiles</string>
<string name="soundModeNormal">Normal</string>
<string name="soundModeVibrate">Vibrate</string>
<string name="soundModeSilent">Silent</string>
<string name="enterAname">Enter a name.</string>
<string name="noChangeSelectedProfileDoesntMakeSense">No change selected. Profile doesn\'t make sense.</string>
<string name="noProfilesCreateOneFirst">There are no profiles in your configuration. Create one first.</string>
<string name="errorActivatingProfile">Error activating profile:</string>
<string name="anotherProfileByThatName">There is already another profile by that name.</string>
<string name="invalidProfileName">Invalid name for profile.</string>
<string name="errorWritingFile">Error writing settings file.</string>
<string name="unknownError">Unknown error.</string>
<string name="noWritableFolderFound">No writable folder found to store config file.</string>
<string name="usbTetheringFailForAboveGingerbread">This will most likely not work as you\'re above Android 2.3. You could use wifi tethering instead instead.</string>
<string name="usingNewThreadForRuleExecution">Using new thread for rule activation.</string>
<string name="startNewThreadForRuleExecution">Start new thread for rule activation.</string>
<string name="newThreadRules">New thread</string>
<string name="showIcon">Show icon</string>
<string name="showIconWhenServiceIsRunning">Show icon when service is running (hiding it only works below Android 7). If you\'re on a higher version, go to system settings, then Automation, then notifications and disable the \"Service notification\".</string>
<string name="ruleHistory">Rule history (most recent first):</string>
<string name="someOptionsNotAvailableYet">Some options are disabled as they cannot be used, yet. They will be introduced in a later program version.</string>
<string name="lockSoundChanges">Lock sound changes</string>
<string name="noProfileChangeSoundLocked">Profile will not be activated. Last activated profile has been locked.</string>
<string name="currentVolume">Current volume</string>
<string name="enterValidReferenceValue">Enter a valid reference value.</string>
<string name="volumeTest">Volume calibration</string>
<string name="volumeCalibrationExplanation">To calculate a dB value for noise monitoring you need to specify a so called physical reference value. Please read Wikipedia for further information. This value is most likely different for every phone. Drag the seekbar to change the defined physical reference value. The higher the reference value the lower the dB value will be. Constant measurings will be performed every %1$s seconds and the results displayed below. Press back when you have found a suitable value.</string>
<string name="settingsWillTakeTime">Some settings will not be applied before certain environment settings change or service is restarted.</string>
<string name="phoneIsRooted" translatable="false">Phone is rooted.</string>
<string name="phoneIsNotRooted" translatable="false">Phone is not rooted.</string>
<string name="dataConWithRootSuccess" translatable="false">Data connection was successfully changed using superuser permissions.</string>
<string name="dataConWithRootFail" translatable="false">Data could not be changed using superuser permissions.</string>
<string name="rootExplanation">You need to root your phone for this function to work. Afterwards you need to \"run the rule manually\" to show up the superuser permission question. When the superuser popups shows up you need to always allow the application to do that. Otherwise the rule cannot function when the phone is unattended.</string>
<string name="errorWritingConfig">Error writing config. Do you have a writable memory?</string>
<string name="phoneNrReplacementError">I could not insert the last phone nr in the variable. I don\'t have it.</string>
<string name="username">Username</string>
<string name="password">Password</string>
<string name="useAuthentication">Use authentication</string>
<string name="permissionsTitle">Required permissions</string>
<string name="permissionsExplanation">Explanation of required permissions</string>
<string name="ok">Ok</string>
<string name="disabledFeatures">Disabled features</string>
<string name="theFollowingPermissionsHaveBeenDenied">The following permissions have been denied:</string>
<string name="permissionsExplanationGeneric">The app is current running in limited mode and has deactivated some features. To fully function it requires permissions. If you want to use all functionality you have to grant the permissions in the following rights dialogues. If you do not certain rules can not be executed. In the following you are given an explanation for the requested permissions. Click "continue", when you are ready to proceed.</string>
<string name="permissionsExplanationSmall">To enable the feature you just tried to use more permissions are required. Click continue to request them.</string>
<string name="continueText">continue</string>
<string name="rule">Rule</string>
<string name="storeSettings">Read and store settings</string>
<string name="featuresDisabled">WARNING: Features are disabled, Automation is running in limited mode. Click here for more information.</string>
<string name="ruleLegend">Green = enabled, red = disabled, yellow = not enough permissions</string>
<string name="systemSettingsNote1">The permission to change some OS settings is required (even simple stuff like turn on bluetooth or wifi). After clicking "continue" a window will popup where you need to enable this for Automation. Then hit your "back" key.</string>
<string name="systemSettingsNote2">Further permissions will be requested in a second dialog afterwards.</string>
<string name="appRequiresPermissiontoAccessExternalStorage">Automation requires access to external storage to read its settings and rules.</string>
<string name="mainScreenPermissionNote">Automation requires more permissions to fully function. Click on this text to find out more and request them.</string>
<string name="invalidDevice">Invalid device</string>
<string name="google_app_id" translatable="false">your app id</string>
<string name="logFileMaxSizeSummary">Maximum log file size in Megabyte. Will be rotated if bigger.</string>
<string name="logFileMaxSizeTitle">Maximum log file size [Mb]</string>
<string name="android.permission.READ_CALL_LOG">Read phone log</string>
<string name="android.permission.READ_CALENDAR">Read calendar entries</string>
<string name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION">Read exact location</string>
<string name="android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION">Read coarse location</string>
<string name="readLocation">Read location</string>
<string name="android.permission.INTERNET">Send data over a network connection</string>
<string name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE">Read device\'s network state</string>
<string name="android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE">Read device\'s wifi state</string>
<string name="android.permission.BLUETOOTH">Change Bluetooth settings</string>
<string name="android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN">Change Bluetooth settings</string>
<string name="android.permission.NFC">Use NFC module</string>
<string name="android.permission.VIBRATE">Let phone vibrate</string>
<string name="android.permission.WAKE_LOCK">Keep phone on</string>
<string name="android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS">Change audio settings</string>
<string name="android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO">Record audio</string>
<string name="android.permission.PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS">Detect outgoing calls</string>
<string name="android.permission.MODIFY_PHONE_STATE">Change device settings</string>
<string name="android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE">Detect phone state</string>
<string name="android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE">Read storage</string>
<string name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE">Write storage</string>
<string name="android.permission.GET_TASKS">Detect running processes</string>
<string name="android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS">Change device settings</string>
<string name="android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED">Detect device reboot</string>
<string name="android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS">Change device settings</string>
<string name="android.permission.BATTERY_STATS">Read battery state</string>
<string name="android.permission.CHANGE_BACKGROUND_DATA_SETTING">Change data connection</string>
<string name="android.permission.SEND_SMS">Send text messages</string>
<string name="android.permission.READ_CONTACTS">Read contact data</string>
<string name="android.permission.ACCESS_NOTIFICATION_POLICY">Override do not disturb policy</string>
<string name="theseAreThePermissionsRequired">These are the permissions required:</string>
<string name="ruleXrequiresThis">Rule \"%1$s\" requires this.</string>
<string name="profileXrequiresThis">Profile \"%1$s\" requires this.</string>
<string name="helpTextActivityDetection">This feature can detect if you\'re currently on the go and if it is on foot or in which type of vehicle (to a certain extent). The feature is not fully built into Automation, but is provided by Google Play Services. Technically it does not give a yes/no result, but return a percentage to which level it is sure it detected you\'re status. You can setup the percentage value from which Automation will accept a result. Two remarks: 1) More than 1 status could occur at the same time. For example you might be WALKING inside a driving bus. 2) This sensor is relatively expensive in terms of battery usage. If it is possible you might consider using alternatives, e.g. require your car\'s handsfree device to be connected to detect you\'re driving.</string>
<string name="sendTextMessage">Send text message</string>
<string name="textToSend">Text to send</string>
<string name="textMessageAnnotations">You can directly enter a phone number. Alternatively use the contacts option to pick one. But keep in mind: The number will be stored here, not the contact. If you change the phone number of a selected contact you\'ll need to update this rule. It doesn\'t do that by itself.</string>
<string name="importNumberFromContacts">Import number from contacts</string>
<string name="android9RecordAudioNotice">If you\'re using the noise level trigger: Unfortunately beginning with Android 9 (Pie) Google decided to disallow background applications to use the microphone. So this trigger has no effect anymore and won\'t trigger anything.</string>
<string name="android10WifiToggleNotice">Unfortunately Google decided to remove this feature in Android 10. Regular apps are not allowed anymore to turn wifi on or off. Only if your device is rooted it should continue to work. If not, then I\'m afraid this won\'t have an effect anymore.</string>
<string name="messageNotShownAgain">This message won\'t be shown again.</string>
<string name="chooseActivityHint">In this final selection popup you need to select a specific activity. Simplified this is like a window of the desired application. If you do not know which one it is generally a good idea to pick one that has \"main\" or \"launcher\" in its name.</string>
<string name="edit">Edit</string>
<string name="clickAndHoldForOptions">Click and hold an item for options.</string>
<string name="ruleActivationComplete" translatable="false">Rule \"%1$s\" finished.</string>
<string name="positioningEngine">Positioning engine</string>
<string name="googleSarcasm">Thanks to Google\'s infinite wisdom and constant endeavor to protect everyone\'s privacy, all the rules that may be used to send sms or read the phone state have been stripped off of all the triggers and actions which Google considers risky.</string>
<string name="startAutomationAsService">Start automation as a service</string>
<string name="setScreenBrightness">Set screen brightness</string>
<string name="setScreenBrightnessEnterValue">Enter the desired brightness (from 0 to 100).</string>
<string name="autoBrightness">Enable auto brightness</string>
<string name="apply">apply</string>
<string name="brightnessAuto">automatic brightness</string>
<string name="brightnessManual">manual brightness</string>
<string name="autoBrightnessNotice">If you use auto brightness the brightness value you use below will probably not be used long.</string>
<string name="screenLockSoundNotice">Screenlock sounds cannot automatically be changed anymore on devices running Android version 6.0 or higher. Whatever you set here, it will not work in either direction.</string>
<string name="startScreen">Start screen</string>
<string name="startScreenSummary">Select the screen the applications opens with at start.</string>
<string name="executeRulesAndProfilesWithSingleClickTitle">Run rules/profiles with single click.</string>
<string name="googleLocationChicanery">This app collects location data to enable location based rules and speed detection even when the app is closed or not in use.</string>
<string name="googleLocationChicaneryOld">This app collects location data to determine if you\'re currently at one of the locations you created. Furthermore it is used to determine your current speed if you are using that trigger in rules. That is done even when the app is closed or not in use (but only when the service is activated).</string>
<string name="android.permission.ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION">Read location in background.</string>
<string name="deviceDoesNotHaveBluetooth">This device does not seem to have bluetooth. You can still continue configuring this, but it will most likely not have an effect.</string>
<string name="manageLocations">Create or edit locations</string>
<string name="error">Error</string>
<string name="featureNotInFdroidVersion">This feature is based on non-free software. Therefore is is not available in the F-Droid version.</string>
<string name="settingsReferringToRestrictedFeatures">Your settings and or rules are currently referencing non-free features that cannot be provided in the F-Droid version. That includes detecting your current physical activity.</string>
<string name="publishedOn">published on</string>
<string name="displayNewsOnMainScreen">Display application news on main screen</string>
<string name="displayNewsOnMainScreenDescription">Announcements about this app only, we\'re probably talking about 1-2 per year, not more.</string>
<string name="filesHaveBeenMovedTo">Automation now uses another path to store your files. All your Automation-files have been moved here: \"%s\". The external storage permission is not required anymore; you can revoke it. It will be removed in a future version.</string>
<string name="locationDisabled">Location disabled</string>
<string name="locationEngineDisabledShort">Location cannot be determined in the background anymore. Click here to find out why.</string>
<string name="locationEngineDisabledLong">Unfortunately your location cannot be determined anymore. A debt of gratitude is owed to Google for its infinite wisdom and amiableness.\\n\\nLet me explain this further. Starting with Android 10 a new permission was introduced that is needed to determine your location in the background (which of course is required for an app like this). Whilst I consider that a good idea in general the chicanery it involves for developers is not.\\n\\nWhen developing an app you can try to qualify for this permission by abiding to a catalog of requirements. Unfortunately new versions of my app have been rejected over a period of three months. I fulfilled all those requirements, Google\'s shitty development support claimed I would not. After giving them proof that I did after all - I got a response like \"I cannot help you anymore\". Eventually I gave up. \\n\\nAs a consequence the Google Play version can NOT use your location as a trigger anymore. My only alternative option would have been to have this application removed from the store entirely.\\n\\nI\'m very sorry about that, but I\'ve tried my best arguing with a \"support\" that repeatedly failed to pass the Turing test.\\n\\nThe good news: You can still have it all!\\n\\nAutomation is now open source and can be found in F-Droid. That is an app store that really cares about your privacy - rather than just acting like that. Simply backup your config file, uninstall this app, install it again from F-Droid, restore your config file - done.\\n\\nClick here to find out more:</string>
<string name="filesStoredAt">Config and log files are stored in folder %1$s. Click on this text to open a file explorer. Unfortunately this will only work on a rooted device. FOR ALL OTHER DEVICES: Simply use the export button to make a backup.</string>
<string name="notification">Notification</string>
<string name="title">Title</string>
<string name="text">Text</string>
<string name="directionStringEquals">equals</string>
<string name="directionStringContains">contains</string>
<string name="directionStringStartsWith">starts with</string>
<string name="directionStringEndsWith">ends with</string>
<string name="directionStringNotEquals">not equals</string>
<string name="anyApp">Any app</string>
<string name="notificationTriggerExplanation">This trigger will respond to other applications opening notifications in the notification area (or such being closed). You can specify another application from which the notification has to come from. If you don\'t the notifications from any other application will count. You can also specify strings that must be or must not be in their title or notification body. The comparison is done case-INsensitive.</string>
<string name="postsNotification">%1$s posts notification</string>
<string name="removedNotification">notification from %1$s removed</string>
<string name="notificationAppears">Notification appears</string>
<string name="notificationDisappears">Notification disappears</string>
<string name="direction">Direction</string>
<string name="android.permission.BIND_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SERVICE">Read system notifications</string>
<string name="playSound">Play sound</string>
<string name="alwaysPlay">always play</string>
<string name="alwaysPlayExplanation">If this settings is active the sound will always be played. If it is deactivated it will only play if your phone is neither on mute nor vibrate. However if active it will not have an effect on the volume. So if your phone is on ring mode it will not increase the media volume for example. So if media volume is on mute you won\'t hear anything either.</string>
<string name="selectSoundFile">Select sound file</string>
<string name="fileDoesNotExist">File does not exist.</string>
<string name="noFileManageInstalled">No file manager installed.</string>
<string name="shareConfigAndLogFilesWithDev">Attach config and log files.</string>
<string name="shareConfigAndLogExplanation">This will start a new email with your config and log files attached as zip file. It will not be sent automatically, you still need to hit \"send\". You can also change the recipient to yourself for example.</string>
<string name="startAppChoiceNote">Here you have 2 general options:\n\n1. You can start a program by selecting an activity. Imagine this like preselecting a specific screen/window of an application. Keep in mind this may not always work. This is because the windows of an app might interact with each other, e.g. pass on parameters. When bluntly starting a specific screen that interaction has not happened and the window might close instantly (therefore it\'s never really shown). Try it nevertheless! You can enter an activity path manually, but it\'s recommended to use the \"Select\" button. If you decide to enter it manually enter the app\'s package name in the upper field and the full path of the activity in the lower one.\n\n2. Selection by action In contrast to selecting a specific window you can also start a program by an action. This is like shouting out \"I\'d would like xyz\" and if there\'s an app installed that can help you with that it will be started. A good example would be start browser - you might even have multiple installed (one is usually the default one). You need to enter this manually, PackageName is optional here. Keep in mind no variables will be resolved. If you want to start the camera for example using \"MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE\" will not work. You have to take a look at the Android documentation and use this variable\'s actual value instead which in this example would be \"\".</string>
<string name="errorRunningRule">There was an error running a rule.</string>
<string name="cantFindSoundFile">Cannot find sound file %1$s and therefore not play it.</string>
<string name="addParameters">Add parameters</string>
<string name="">Control tunnels of the wireguard app</string>
<string name="startAppSelectionType">Method to\nselect application</string>
<string name="startAppByActivity">by activity</string>
<string name="startAppByAction">by action</string>
<string name="enterValidAction">Enter a valid action</string>
<string name="enterPackageName">Enter a valid package name.</string>
<string name="state">State</string>
<string name="phoneNumberExplanation">You can enter a specific phone number, but you don\'t have to. If you want to specify one you can either pick one from your address book or enter it manually. In addition you may use regular expressions. To test a regular expression I like this page:</string>
<string name="importConfiguration">Import configuration</string>
<string name="exportConfiguration">Export configuration</string>
<string name="moreSettings">More settings</string>
<string name="configurationExportedSuccessfully">Configuration exported successfully.</string>
<string name="ConfigurationExportError">There was an error while exporting the configuration.</string>
<string name="rulesImportedSuccessfully">Rules and locations have been imported successfully.</string>
<string name="rulesImportError">There was an error importing rules and locations.</string>
<string name="configurationImportedSuccessfully">Configuration imported successfully.</string>
<string name="prefsImportError">There was an error importing the preferences.</string>
<string name="noApplicableFilesFoundInDirectory">No applicable files could be found in that directory.</string>
<string name="noFilesImported">No file could be imported.</string>
<string name="notAllFilesImported">Not all applicable files could be imported.</string>
<string name="importExportExplanation">When clicking import or export you select the directory from which files are imported or exported to. When exporting existing files might get overwritten.</string>
<string name="intentDataComment">If your parameter is of type Uri AND you specify \"IntentData\" as name (lower/upper case is not important), the parameter will not be added as a normal parameter with putExtra(), but will instead be added to the intent with setData().</string>
<string name="stringNotAllowed">String %1$s is not allowed.</string>
<string name="startAppStartType">Select start type</string>
<string name="startAppByStartActivity">by startActivity()</string>
<string name="startAppBySendBroadcast">by sendBroadcast()</string>
<string name="openExamplesPage">Open webpage with examples</string>
<string name="packageName">Package name</string>
<string name="activityOrActionName">Activity/action name</string>
<string name="warning">Warning</string>
<string name="ringing">ringing</string>
<string name="from">from</string>
<string name="to">to</string>
<string name="matching">matching</string>
<string name="urlRegex" translatable="false"></string>
<string name="loadWifiList">Load wifi list</string>
<string name="needLocationPermForWifiList">The list of wifis your device has been connected to could be used to determine which places you have been to. That\'s why the location permission is required to load the list of wifis. If you want to be able to pick one from the list you need to grant that permission. If you do not want that, you can still enter your wifi name manually.</string>
<string name="noKnownWifis">There are no known wifis on your device.</string>
<string name="urlToTriggerExplanation">This feature does NOT open a browser, but triggers a URL in the background. You can use this e.g. to send commands to your home automation.</string>
<string name="automaticUpdateCheck">Check for updates</string>
<string name="automaticUpdateCheckSummary">Only applies to APK version.</string>
<string name="updateAvailable">There\'s a new update available. Would you like opening the browser to download it?</string>
<string name="locationFound">Location found. The suggested minimum radius for locations is %1$d m.</string>
<string name="locationFoundInaccurate">Only a location with a limited accuracy could be found. It might not work reliably. The suggested minimum radius for locations is %1$d."</string>
<string name="clone">Clone</string>
<string name="noLocationCouldBeFound">No position could be found after a timeout of %1$s seconds.</string>
<string name="pleaseGiveBgLocation">In the next screen please go to permissions, then location. There select \"Allow all the time\" to allow Automation to determine your location in the background.</string>
<string name="vibrate">Vibrate</string>
<string name="test">Try</string>
<string name="VibrateExplanation">Enter a vibration duration, followed by a comma, then a pause duration. You can concatenate as many vibrations as you like. Separate them by commas again. E.g. the pattern 100,500,500,1000,100 will vibrate 100, wait 500, vibrate 500, wait 1000, vibrate 100 ms. If you think a vibration is dropped, try increasing the pause before them.</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidVibrationPattern">Please enter a valid vibration pattern.</string>
<string name="newsOptIn">Would you like to receive (only important) news about this app on the main screen? Those are downloaded from the developer\'s website. There will be no intrusive notification, just a text on the main screen when you open the app.</string>
<string name="top">Top</string>
<string name="bottom">Bottom</string>
<string name="tabsPlacement">Position of tab bar</string>
<string name="tabsPlacementSummary">Choose where the tabs bar should be placed.</string>
<string name="wifiApi30">Because Google screwed up yet another part of Android, starting with API 30 only the currently visible wifis can be displayed, not all the ones your device has connected to anymore.</string>
<string name="silentTriggersDnd">REMARK: The silent mode often triggers Do-Not-Disturb on newer devices. If that happens on your device, I recommend using the normal mode instead and lowering all volumes to zero.</string>
<string name="tones">Tones</string>
<string name="miscellaneous">Miscellaneous</string>
<string name="dnd">Do not disturb</string>
<string name="dndOff">DND off</string>
<string name="dndPriority">Let priority notifications through</string>
<string name="dndAlarms">Let alarms through</string>
<string name="dndNothing">Let nothing through</string>
<string name="dndRemarks">Fine tuning (like allowing phone calls, picking specific numbers, etc.) can only be done from the system\'s settings.</string>
<string name="automationNotificationsIgnored">If you do not choose a specific app, but choose \"Any app\", notifications from Automation will be ignored to avoid loops.</string>
<string name="repeatEveryXseconds">Repeat every x seconds</string>
<string name="repeatEveryXsecondsWithVariable">repeat every %1$s seconds</string>
<string name="enterRepetitionTime">You need to enter a positive non-decimal value for repetition time.</string>
<string name="elementSkipped">An element of the configuration file could not be read. The file may have been created by a newer program version.</string>
<string name="donate">Donate</string>
<string name="btTetheringNotice">This feature is confirmed to work up until Android 8.0. From some higher version upwards it ceases to work, but due to a lack of physical devices I cannot tell which one that is. On Android 11 it definitely ain\'t working anymore. If you have a version in between please let me know if it\'s working or not.</string>
<string name="notice">Notice</string>
<string name="deviceOrientation">Device orientation</string>
<string name="tolerance">Tolerance (0-180)</string>
<string name="orientationAzimuth">Azimuth:</string>
<string name="orientationPitch">Pitch:</string>
<string name="orientationRoll">Roll:</string>
<string name="enterValidNumbersIntoAllFields">Enter valid numbers in all fields.</string>
<string name="deviceOrientationExplanation">When you move your device the below numbers will update. What you can see there, is the current orientation of your device measured in degrees. If it is in the desired orientation, click the apply button to copy the current values to the desired fields. Because reaching this exact orientation ever again is highly unlikely you must also enter a tolerance. This is amount of degrees to which the orientation can deviate in either direction. 15° will result in a total angle of 30°, 15° in every direction. If you only care about one specific axis, specify a tolerance of 180° for the two other ones.</string>
<string name="wouldCurrentlyApply">Would currently apply?</string>
<string name="deviceIsInCertainOrientation">the device is in a certain orientation</string>
<string name="toleranceOf180OnlyAllowedIn2Fields">A tolerance of 180 is allowed for 2 tolerance fields only, not all 3. Otherwise the trigger would ALWAYS apply.</string>
<string name="unknown">unknown</string>
<string name="orientation">Orientation</string>
<string name="triggerWrong">There\'s something wrong with this trigger. It could not be loaded correctly.</string>
<string name="turnScreenOnOrOff">Turn screen on or off</string>
<string name="turnScreenOn">turn screen on</string>
<string name="turnScreenOff">turn screen off</string>
<string name="mustApply">Must apply</string>
<string name="deviceOrientationTimeAcceptIntervalTitle">Signal frequency</string>
<string name="deviceOrientationTimeAcceptIntervalSummary">Accept new movement signals every x milliseconds</string>
<string name="deviceOrientationSettings">Device orientation settings</string>
<string name="android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN">Device administrator</string>
<string name="deviceAdminNote">Device administrator permissions required for at least 1 rule you created.</string>
<string name="explanationDeviceOrientationDirection">If the checkbox is checked that means the device has to be in the orientation you specify. If it\'s not checked, any orientation that does NOT match your criteria will do.</string>
<string name="permissionsRequiredNotAvailable">Your rules required permissions which cannot be requested from this installed flavor of Automation.</string>
<string name="smsDialogNotice">If you have not used a send-sms action in this program before, Android may show an additional confirmation dialog, asking you to allow sending messages. You need to select the \"always allow\" checkbox and confirm if you want this action to work in the background. It\'s advised to run this rule manually once to provoke this confirmation dialog.</string>
<string name="android.permission.REQUEST_IGNORE_BATTERY_OPTIMIZATIONS">Exclude from battery optimization</string>
<string name="recommendedForBetterReliability">Recommended for better reliability</string>
<string name="needsToBeActive">Needs to be active</string>
<string name="checkSettings">Check settings</string>
<string name="profileActive">profile %1$s is active</string>
<string name="profileNotActive">profile %1$s is not active</string>
<string name="profileTriggerCheckSettings">If this checkbox is not disabled, it will only be checked if the selected profile has been the last one to be activated. It doesn\'t matter if any audio related settings have been changed externally. However if the checkbox is enabled, the current audio settings really need to be like defined in the profile. BEWARE: Checking the ringtone file is currently not supported, yet.</string>
<string name="ruleXIsUsingProfileY">Cannot delete this profile. Rule %1$s is referencing profile %2$s.</string>
<string name="profileCouldNotBeDeleted">Profile could not be deleted.</string>
<string name="noRepetition">no repetition</string>
<string name="usingAuthentication">using authentication</string>
<string name="toNumber">to number</string>
<string name="message">message</string>
<string name="onDays">on days</string>
<string name="notSet">not set</string>
<string name="takeLauncherActivity">Find automatically</string>
<string name="pickActivityManually">Choose manually</string>
<string name="launcherOrManualExplanation">Easy mode: Automation can try to identify the launcher activity of the desired program automatically. Alternatively you can also pick one of the application\'s activities manually. What would you like?</string>
<string name="launcherNotFound">A launcher activity of this app could not be identified. You will have to pick one manually.</string>
<string name="createNotification">Create notification</string>
<string name="enterTitle">Enter a title.</string>
<string name="enterText">Enter a text.</string>
<string name="info">Info</string>
<string name="profileWasNotFound">The profile used in this rule doesn\'t seem to exist anymore. The alphabetically first one has been selected.</string>
<string name="notificationCloseActionExplanation">If you don\'t specify any criteria this action will close ALL notifications. So it\'s advised to at least specify criteria for at least 1 of application, title or text.</string>
<string name="closeNotifications">Close notification(s)</string>
<string name="comparisonCaseInsensitive">Comparisons are done case-INsensitive</string>
<string name="profileWarning">The settings you can adjust here, can cause that you don\'t notice certain things from your phone anymore. They may even silence your wakeup alarm. So whatever you do - it is recommended you test it.</string>
<string name="ifString">if</string>
<string name="emailContactNotice">Email is my preferred method of contact to report bugs, ask questions or make proposals. Go to control center to learn more.</string>
<string name="controlCenter">Control center</string>
<string name="sendEmailToDev">Send email to developer</string>
<string name="screenIs">screen is %1$s</string>
<string name="on">on</string>
<string name="off">off</string>
<string name="unlocked">unlocked</string>
<string name="selectDesiredState">Select desired state</string>
<string name="screenState">Screen state</string>
<string name="featureCeasedToWorkLastWorkingAndroidVersion">Because of Google\'s infinite wisdom, the last Android version this feature is known to work on is %1$s. You can configure it, but it probably will not have any effect.</string>
<string name="actionMediaControl">Control media playback</string>
<string name="selectCommand">Select command</string>
<string name="playPause">toggle play/pause</string>
<string name="play">play</string>
<string name="pause">pause</string>
<string name="previous">previous</string>
<string name="next">next</string>
<string name="android.permission.MEDIA_CONTENT_CONTROL">Control media playback</string>
<string name="stop">stop</string>
<string name="pleaseSelectActionValue">Please select an action!</string>
<string name="actionMediaControlNotice">Keep in mind that this action may not work with ALL players out there. And even if it does, not every buttons does necessarily work.</string>
<string name="musicPlaying">Music playing</string>
<string name="selectParameters">Select parameters</string>
<string name="musicIsPlaying">music is playing</string>
<string name="musicIsNotPlaying">music is not playing</string>
<string name="musicPlayingDetection">Music playing detection</string>
<string name="musicCheckFrequencyTitle">Check frequency [ms]</string>
<string name="musicCheckFrequencySummary">Milliseconds between checks</string>
<string name="locationNotWorkingOn12">Getting the location does not seem to be working on Android 12 devices currently. If it isn\'t working for you, I\'m sorry. I\'ll try to fix this as soon as I know the cause. So if the donut doesn\'t stop spinning, you know why.</string>
<string name="lastProfile">Last profile:</string>
<string name="queryAllPackages">Get a list of installed applications</string>