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@ -2,7 +2,6 @@ package com.jens.automation2;
import android.content.Context;
import android.os.AsyncTask;
import android.util.Log;
import android.widget.Toast;
@ -460,7 +459,7 @@ public class Action
catch(Exception e)
Miscellaneous.logEvent("e", "triggerUrl", context.getResources().getString(R.string.errorTriggeringUrl) + ": " + e.getMessage() + ", detailed: " + Log.getStackTraceString(e), 2);
Miscellaneous.logEvent("e", "triggerUrl", context.getResources().getString(R.string.logErrorTriggeringUrl) + ": " + e.getMessage() + ", detailed: " + Log.getStackTraceString(e), 2);

@ -172,7 +172,8 @@ public class ActivityManagePoi extends Activity
double variance = locationGps.distanceTo(locationNetwork);
String text = getResources().getString(R.string.distanceBetween) + " " + String.valueOf(Math.round(variance)) + " " + getResources().getString(R.string.radiusSuggestion);
String text = String.format(getResources().getString(R.string.distanceBetween), Math.round(variance));
// Toast.makeText(getBaseContext(), text, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
Miscellaneous.logEvent("i", "POI Manager", text, 4);
// if(variance > 50 && guiPoiRadius.getText().toString().length()>0 && Integer.parseInt(guiPoiRadius.getText().toString())<variance)

@ -0,0 +1,243 @@
* Copyright (C) 2012-2019 Jorrit "Chainfire" Jongma
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
package eu.chainfire.libsuperuser;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
import androidx.annotation.AnyThread;
import androidx.annotation.NonNull;
import androidx.annotation.Nullable;
import androidx.annotation.WorkerThread;
* Helper class for modifying SELinux policies, reducing the number of calls to a minimum.
* Example usage:
* <pre>
* <code>
* private class Policy extends eu.chainfire.libsuperuser.Policy {
* {@literal @}Override protected String[] getPolicies() {
* return new String[] {
* "allow sdcardd unlabeled dir { append create execute write relabelfrom link unlink ioctl getattr setattr read rename lock mounton quotaon swapon rmdir audit_access remove_name add_name reparent execmod search open }",
* "allow sdcardd unlabeled file { append create write relabelfrom link unlink ioctl getattr setattr read rename lock mounton quotaon swapon audit_access open }",
* "allow unlabeled unlabeled filesystem associate"
* };
* }
* };
* private Policy policy = new Policy();
* public void someFunctionNotCalledOnMainThread() {
* policy.inject();
* }
* </code>
* </pre>
@SuppressWarnings({"WeakerAccess", "UnusedReturnValue", "unused"})
public abstract class Policy {
* supolicy should be called as little as possible. We batch policies together. The command
* line is guaranteed to be able to take 4096 characters. Reduce by a bit for supolicy itself.
private static final int MAX_POLICY_LENGTH = 4096 - 32;
private static final Object synchronizer = new Object();
private static volatile Boolean canInject = null;
private static volatile boolean injected = false;
* @return Have we injected our policies already?
public static boolean haveInjected() {
return injected;
* Reset policies-have-been-injected state, if you really need to inject them again. Extremely
* rare, you will probably never need this.
public static void resetInjected() {
synchronized (synchronizer) {
injected = false;
* Override this method to return a array of strings containing the policies you want to inject.
* @return Policies to inject
protected abstract String[] getPolicies();
* Detects availability of the supolicy tool. Only useful if Shell.SU.isSELinuxEnforcing()
* returns true. Caches return value, can safely be called from the UI thread <b>if</b> a
* a cached value exists.
* @see #resetCanInject()
* @return canInject?
@SuppressWarnings({"deprecation", "ConstantConditions"})
@WorkerThread // first call only
public static boolean canInject() {
synchronized (synchronizer) {
if (canInject != null) return canInject;
canInject = false;
// We are making the assumption here that if supolicy is called without parameters,
// it will return output (such as a usage notice) on STDOUT (not STDERR) that contains
// at least the word "supolicy". This is true at least for SuperSU.
List<String> result ="sh", new String[] { "supolicy" }, null, false);
if (result != null) {
for (String line : result) {
if (line.contains("supolicy")) {
canInject = true;
return canInject;
* Reset cached can-inject state and force redetection on nect canInject() call
public static void resetCanInject() {
synchronized (synchronizer) {
canInject = null;
* Transform the policies defined by getPolicies() into a set of shell commands
* @return Possibly empty List of commands, or null
protected List<String> getInjectCommands() {
return getInjectCommands(true);
* Transform the policies defined by getPolicies() into a set of shell commands
* @param allowBlocking allow method to perform blocking I/O for extra checks
* @return Possibly empty List of commands, or null
@WorkerThread // if allowBlocking
protected List<String> getInjectCommands(boolean allowBlocking) {
synchronized (synchronizer) {
// No reason to bother if we're in permissive mode
if (!Shell.SU.isSELinuxEnforcing()) return null;
// If we can't inject, no use continuing
if (allowBlocking && !canInject()) return null;
// Been there, done that
if (injected) return null;
// Retrieve policies
String[] policies = getPolicies();
if ((policies != null) && (policies.length > 0)) {
List<String> commands = new ArrayList<String>();
// Combine the policies into a minimal number of commands
String command = "";
for (String policy : policies) {
if ((command.length() == 0) || (command.length() + policy.length() + 3 < MAX_POLICY_LENGTH)) {
command = command + " \"" + policy + "\"";
} else {
commands.add("supolicy --live" + command);
command = "";
if (command.length() > 0) {
commands.add("supolicy --live" + command);
return commands;
// No policies
return null;
* Inject the policies defined by getPolicies(). Throws an exception if called from
* the main thread in debug mode.
public void inject() {
synchronized (synchronizer) {
// Get commands that inject our policies
List<String> commands = getInjectCommands();
// Execute them, if any
if ((commands != null) && (commands.size() > 0)) {;
// We survived without throwing
injected = true;
* Inject the policies defined by getPolicies(). Throws an exception if called from
* the main thread in debug mode if waitForIdle is true. If waitForIdle is false
* however, it cannot be guaranteed the command was executed and the policies injected
* upon return.
* @param shell Interactive shell to execute commands on
* @param waitForIdle wait for the command to complete before returning?
@WorkerThread // if waitForIdle
public void inject(@NonNull Shell.Interactive shell, boolean waitForIdle) {
synchronized (synchronizer) {
// Get commands that inject our policies
List<String> commands = getInjectCommands(waitForIdle);
// Execute them, if any
if ((commands != null) && (commands.size() > 0)) {
if (waitForIdle) {
// We survived without throwing
injected = true;

@ -0,0 +1,122 @@
* Copyright (C) 2012-2019 Jorrit "Chainfire" Jongma
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
package eu.chainfire.libsuperuser;
import android.os.Build;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Locale;
import androidx.annotation.NonNull;
import androidx.annotation.Nullable;
import androidx.annotation.WorkerThread;
* Utility class to decide between toolbox and toybox calls on M.
* Note that some calls (such as 'ls') are present in both, this
* class will favor toybox variants.
* This may not be what you want, as both syntax and output may
* differ between the variants.
* Very specific warning, the 'mount' included with toybox tends
* to segfault, at least on the first few 6.0 firmwares.
@SuppressWarnings({"unused", "WeakerAccess", "deprecation"})
public class Toolbox {
private static final int TOYBOX_SDK = 23;
private static final Object synchronizer = new Object();
private static volatile String toybox = null;
* Initialize. Asks toybox which commands it supports. Throws an exception if called from
* the main thread in debug mode.
public static void init() {
// already inited ?
if (toybox != null) return;
// toybox is M+
toybox = "";
} else {
if (Debug.getSanityChecksEnabledEffective() && Debug.onMainThread()) {
throw new Shell.ShellOnMainThreadException(Shell.ShellOnMainThreadException.EXCEPTION_TOOLBOX);
// ask toybox which commands it has, and store the info
synchronized (synchronizer) {
toybox = "";
List<String> output ="toybox");
if (output != null) {
toybox = " ";
for (String line : output) {
toybox = toybox + line.trim() + " ";
* Format a command string, deciding on toolbox or toybox for its execution
* If init() has not already been called, it is called for you, which may throw an exception
* if we're in the main thread.
* Example:
* Toolbox.command("chmod 0.0 %s", "/some/file/somewhere");
* Output:
* &lt; M: "toolbox chmod 0.0 /some/file/somewhere"
* M+ : "toybox chmod 0.0 /some/file/somewhere"
* @param format String to format. First word is the applet name.
* @param args Arguments passed to String.format
* @return Formatted String prefixed with either toolbox or toybox
@WorkerThread // if init() not yet called
public static String command(@NonNull String format, Object... args) {
return String.format(Locale.ENGLISH, "toolbox " + format, args);
if (toybox == null) init();
format = format.trim();
String applet;
int p = format.indexOf(' ');
if (p >= 0) {
applet = format.substring(0, p);
} else {
applet = format;
if (toybox.contains(" " + applet + " ")) {
return String.format(Locale.ENGLISH, "toybox " + format, args);
} else {
return String.format(Locale.ENGLISH, "toolbox " + format, args);

@ -1,6 +1,5 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<string name="app_name">Automation</string>
<string name="ruleActivate">Aktiviere Regel %1$s</string>
<string name="profileActivate">Aktiviere Profil %1$s</string>
<string name="ruleActivateToggle">Aktiviere Regel %1$s im Umschaltmodus</string>
@ -14,28 +13,16 @@
<string name="serviceWontStart">Weder Orte noch Regeln sind definitiv. Dienst wird nicht starten.</string>
<string name="serviceStarted">Automations-Dienst gestarted.</string>
<string name="version">Version %1$s.</string>
<string name="logServiceStarting">Dienst wird gestartet.</string>
<string name="logNotAllMeasurings">Es stehen noch nicht alle Messwerte zur Verfügung. Es kann noch kein Vergleich vorgenommen werden.</string>
<string name="distanceBetween">Der Abstand zwischen GPS- und Mobilfunk-Position beträgt</string>
<string name="radiusSuggestion">Meter. Dies +1 sollte der minimale Radius sein.</string>
<string name="distanceBetween">Der Abstand zwischen GPS- und Mobilfunk-Position beträgt %1$d m. Dies +1 sollte der minimale Radius sein.</string>
<string name="comparing">Sowohl Netzwerk- als auch GPS Position sind bekannt. Vergleiche...</string>
<string name="logNoSuitableProvider">Kein brauchbarer Positionsanbieter verfügbar.</string>
<string name="positioningWindowNotice">Falls Sie in einem Gebäude sind wird empfohlen das Gerät in die Nähe eines Fensters zu bringen bis eine Position ermittelt werden konnte. Andernfalls kann es sehr lange dauern oder es funktioniert gar nicht.</string>
<string name="gettingPosition">Position wird ermittelt. Bitte warten...</string>
<string name="logGettingPositionWithProvider">Position wird ermittelt mit Anbieter:</string>
<string name="yes">Ja</string>
<string name="no">Nein</string>
<string name="logGotGpsUpdate">GPS Position erhalten. Genauigkeit:</string>
<string name="logGotNetworkUpdate">Netzwerk Position erhalten. Genauigkeit:</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidLatitude">Bitte geben Sie einen gültigen Breitengrad an.</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidLongitude">Bitte geben Sie einen gültigen Längengrad an.</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidRadius">Bitte geben Sie einen gültigen positiven Radius an.</string>
<string name="selectOneDay">Bitte wählen Sie wenigstens einen Tag aus.</string>
<string name="logAttemptingToBindToService">Versuche zum Dienst zu verbinden... </string>
<string name="logAttemptingToUnbindFromService">Versuche vom Dienst zu trennen... </string>
<string name="logBoundToService">Zum Dienst verbunden.</string>
<string name="logUnboundFromService">Vom Dienst getrennt.</string>
<string name="logServiceAlreadyRunning">Befehl zum Starten des Dienstes, aber er läuft bereits.</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithRule">Was soll mit der Regel gemacht werden?</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithPoi">Was soll mit dem Ort gemacht werden?</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithProfile">Was soll mit dem Profil gemacht werden?</string>
@ -121,7 +108,7 @@
<string name="gpsAccuracy">GPS Genauigkeit [m]</string>
<string name="satisfactoryAccuracyNetwork">Genauigkeit für Mobilfunk Änderungen in Metern</string>
<string name="networkAccuracy">Mobilfunk Genauigkeit [m]</string>
<string name="minimumTimeForLocationUpdates">Minimale Zeitänderung in Sekunden für Positionsupdates</string>
<string name="minimumTimeForLocationUpdates">Minimale Zeitänderung in Millisekunden für Positionsupdates</string>
<string name="timeForUpdate">Zeit für Updates [millisek]</string>
<string name="soundSettings">Ton Einstellungen</string>
<string name="showHelp">Hilfe</string>
@ -146,7 +133,7 @@
<string name="lengthOfNoiseLevelMeasurementsTitle">Länge einer Lautstärkemessung in Sekunden</string>
<string name="referenceValueForNoiseLevelMeasurementsSummary">Physikalischer Referenzwert für Lautstärkemessungen</string>
<string name="referenceValueForNoiseLevelMeasurementsTitle">Referenz für Lautstärkemessungen</string>
<string name="logLevelSummary">Protokollierungsgrad (1=minimum, 5=maximum)</string>
<string name="logLevelSummary">Protokollierungsgrad (1=Minimum, 5=Maximum)</string>
<string name="logLevelTitle">Protokollierungsgrad</string>
<string name="ruleActive">Regel aktiv</string>
<string name="triggerPointOfInterest">Ort</string>
@ -189,7 +176,6 @@
<string name="general">Allgemein</string>
<string name="generalText">Um dieses Programm zu benutzen, müssen Sie Regeln anlegen. Diese enthalten Auslöser (z.B. ob Sie ein bestimmtes Gebiet betreten oder eine bestimmte Zeitspanne beginnt). Nachdem Sie dies erledigt haben, klicken Sie auf den Ein/Aus Schalter auf dem Hauptbildschirm.</string>
<string name="unknownActionSpecified">Unbekannte Aktion definiert.</string>
<string name="errorTriggeringUrl">Fehler beim Aufrufen der URL</string>
<string name="errorChangingScreenRotation">Fehler beim Ändern der Bildschirmrotation</string>
<string name="errorDeterminingWifiApState">Fehler bei der Statusprüfung des WLAN Routers</string>
<string name="errorActivatingWifiAp">Fehler beim Aktivieren des WLAN Routers</string>
@ -666,4 +652,12 @@
<string name="packageName">Paketname</string>
<string name="activityOrActionName">Acitivity/Action name</string>
<string name="warning">Warnung</string>
<string name="logLevelSummary">Log level (1=minimum, 5=maximum)</string>
<string name="ringing">klingelt</string>
<string name="from">von</string>
<string name="to">an</string>
<string name="matching">übereinstimmend</string>
<string name="loadWifiList">WLAN Liste laden</string>
<string name="noKnownWifis">Es gibt keine bekannten WLANs auf Ihrem Gerät.</string>
<string name="needLocationPermForWifiList">Die Liste von WLANs auf Ihrem Gerät könnte verwendet werden, um zu ermitteln, an welchen Orten Sie waren. Deshalb ist die Positions-Berechtigung nötig, um die Liste dieser WLANs zu laden. Wenn Sie eines aus der Liste auswählen möchten, müssen Sie diese Berechtigung gewähren. Wenn nicht, können Sie immer noch eines manuell eingeben.</string>

@ -1,38 +1,30 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<string name="app_name">Automation</string>
<string name="ruleActivate">Estoy activando regla %1$s</string>
<string name="ruleActivate">Estoy activando norma %1$s</string>
<string name="profileActivate">Estoy activando perfil %1$s</string>
<string name="ruleActivateToggle">Estoy activando regla %1$s in el modo del inventir</string>
<string name="addPoi">Crear lugar</string>
<string name="addRule">Crear regla</string>
<string name="poiList">Listo de lugares:</string>
<string name="ruleList">Lista de reglas:</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidName">Inserta un nombre válido, por favor.</string>
<string name="pleaseSpecifiyTrigger">Inserta al menos un disparador, por favor.</string>
<string name="pleaseSpecifiyAction">Inserta al menos un acción, por favor.</string>
<string name="serviceWontStart">No rules defined. Service won\'t start.</string>
<string name="serviceStarted">Automation service ha inicializado.</string>
<string name="ruleActivateToggle">Estoy activando norma %1$s en el modo del invertir</string>
<string name="addPoi">Crear sitio</string>
<string name="addRule">Crear norma</string>
<string name="poiList">Lista de sitios:</string>
<string name="ruleList">Lista de normas:</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidName">Inserte un nombre válido, por favor.</string>
<string name="pleaseSpecifiyTrigger">Inserta al menos una condición, por favor.</string>
<string name="pleaseSpecifiyAction">Inserta al menos una acción, por favor.</string>
<string name="serviceWontStart">No hay normas definidas. Servicio no enciende.</string>
<string name="serviceStarted">Automation servicio ha iniciado.</string>
<string name="version">Versión %1$s.</string>
<string name="logServiceStarting">Inicializando servicio.</string>
<string name="logNotAllMeasurings">Todavia no tengo todo los ensayos des lugares. No puedo hacer comparación.</string>
<string name="distanceBetween">Distancia entre GPS lugar y network lugar esta</string>
<string name="radiusSuggestion">metros. Este +1 habia de estar el minimo.</string>
<string name="comparing">Tengo tanto network como gps lugar. Estoy comparando...</string>
<string name="logNoSuitableProvider">No ha encontrado una adecuada compañía de lugares.</string>
<string name="positioningWindowNotice">Si estas en un edificaión vaya cerca de una ventana hasta una posición ha sido encontrado. Si no podria durar mucho tiempo si es posible en absoluto.</string>
<string name="gettingPosition">Buscando posición. Esperaria, por favor...</string>
<string name="logGettingPositionWithProvider">Busco el posición de la compañía:</string>
<string name="distanceBetween">Distancia entre el sitio GPS y el sitio red está %1$d metros. Este +1m debe ser el minimo.</string>
<string name="comparing">Tengo tanto sitio red como sitio gps. Estoy comparando...</string>
<string name="positioningWindowNotice">Si está en una edificación vaya cerca de una ventana hasta que una posición haya sido encontrada. Sino podria durar mucho tiempo o no seria posible.</string>
<string name="gettingPosition">Buscando posición. Espere, por favor...</string>
<string name="yes">Si</string>
<string name="no">No</string>
<string name="logGotGpsUpdate">He recibido una posición de GPS. Precisión:</string>
<string name="logGotNetworkUpdate">He recibido una posición de network. Precisión:</string>
<string name="monday">Lunes</string>
<string name="tuesday">Martes</string>
<string name="wednesday">Miercoles</string>
<string name="wednesday">Miércoles</string>
<string name="thursday">Jueves</string>
<string name="friday">Viernes</string>
<string name="saturday">Sabado</string>
<string name="saturday">Sábado</string>
<string name="headphoneMicrophone">Microfóno</string>
<string name="whatsThis">Que es eso?</string>
<string name="privacyLocationingTitle">Solo usar localización privada</string>
@ -54,7 +46,7 @@
<string name="android.permission.READ_CONTACTS">Leer directorio</string>
<string name="ruleXrequiresThis">Regla \"%1$s\" lo necesita.</string>
<string name="sendTextMessage">Enviar mensaje SMS</string>
<string name="importNumberFromContacts">Importar numero del directorio</string>
<string name="importNumberFromContacts">Importar número del directorio</string>
<string name="edit">Edit</string>
<string name="textToSend">Texto de enviar</string>
<string name="password">Contraseña</string>
@ -62,70 +54,66 @@
<string name="headphoneAny">Igual</string>
<string name="sunday">Domingo</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidLatitude">Por favor inserte un grado de latitud válido.</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidLongitude">Por favor inserte un grade de longitud válido.</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidLongitude">Por favor inserte un grado de longitud válido.</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidRadius">Por favor inserte un radio válido.</string>
<string name="selectOneDay">Por favor selectar al menos un dia.</string>
<string name="logAttemptingToBindToService">Intentando de connectar al servicio...</string>
<string name="logAttemptingToUnbindFromService">Intentando de disconnectar del servicio...</string>
<string name="logBoundToService">Connectado al servicio.</string>
<string name="logUnboundFromService">Separado del servicio.</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithRule">Hacer que con la regla?</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithPoi">Hacer que con el lugar?</string>
<string name="selectOneDay">Por favor seleccione al menos un dia.</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithRule">Hacer que con la norma?</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithPoi">Hacer que con el sitio?</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithProfile">Hacer que con el perfil?</string>
<string name="delete">borrar</string>
<string name="deleteCapital">Borrar</string>
<string name="delete">eliminar</string>
<string name="deleteCapital">Eliminar</string>
<string name="serviceStopped">Servicio automation terminado.</string>
<string name="logServiceStopping">Terminando servicio.</string>
<string name="stillGettingPosition">Todavia buscando posición</string>
<string name="lastRule">Ultima regla:</string>
<string name="at">al</string>
<string name="lastRule">Última norma:</string>
<string name="at">el</string>
<string name="service">Servicio:</string>
<string name="getCurrentPosition">Buscar positión actual</string>
<string name="savePoi">Guardar lugar</string>
<string name="deletePoi">Borrar posición</string>
<string name="getCurrentPosition">Buscar posición actual</string>
<string name="savePoi">Guardar sitio</string>
<string name="deletePoi">Eliminar posición</string>
<string name="latitude">Latitud</string>
<string name="longitude">Longitud</string>
<string name="ruleName">Nombre de regla</string>
<string name="triggers">Disparador(es)</string>
<string name="triggersComment">y-connectado (todo tienen que applicar al mismo tiempo)</string>
<string name="addTrigger">Añadir disparador</string>
<string name="ruleName">Nombre de la norma</string>
<string name="triggers">Condición(es)</string>
<string name="triggersComment">y-conectado (todo tiene que aplicar al mismo tiempo)</string>
<string name="addTrigger">Añadir condición</string>
<string name="actions">Acción(es)</string>
<string name="actionsComment">(ejecutado in esta orden)</string>
<string name="actionsComment">(ejecutado en esta orden)</string>
<string name="addAction">Añadir acción</string>
<string name="saveRule">Guardar regla</string>
<string name="saveRule">Guardar norma</string>
<string name="start">Inicio</string>
<string name="end">Final</string>
<string name="save">Guardar</string>
<string name="urlToTrigger">URL para ejecutar</string>
<string name="wifi">wifi</string>
<string name="activating">Estoy activando</string>
<string name="deactivating">Estoy desctivando</string>
<string name="activating">Activando</string>
<string name="deactivating">Desactivando</string>
<string name="entering">entrando</string>
<string name="leaving">saliendo</string>
<string name="noPoisSpecified">Al primer tienes que crear lugares.</string>
<string name="selectPoi">Seleccionar lugar</string>
<string name="selectTypeOfAction">Selecte tipo the acción</string>
<string name="noPoisSpecified">Primero tiene que crear sitios.</string>
<string name="selectPoi">Seleccionar sitio</string>
<string name="selectTypeOfAction">Seleccione tipo de la acción</string>
<string name="connected">connectado</string>
<string name="stopped">terminado</string>
<string name="started">Commencado</string>
<string name="disconnected">separado</string>
<string name="selectSoundProfile">Selecte perfil de sonido</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithTrigger">Hacer que con el disparador?</string>
<string name="started">Comenzado</string>
<string name="disconnected">desconectado</string>
<string name="selectSoundProfile">Seleccione perfil de sonido</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithTrigger">Hacer que con la condición?</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithAction">Hacer que con la acción?</string>
<string name="radiusHasToBePositive">Radio tiene que ser un numero positivo.</string>
<string name="poiStillReferenced">Todavia hay reglas cuales usan este lugar (%1$s). No puedo borrar el.</string>
<string name="generalSettings">Reglajes generales.</string>
<string name="startAtSystemBoot">Inicializar al boot.</string>
<string name="writeLogFile">Guardar un archivo protocolo</string>
<string name="radiusHasToBePositive">Radio tiene que ser un número positivo.</string>
<string name="poiStillReferenced">Todavia hay normas que usan este sitio (%1$s). No puedo eliminarlo.</string>
<string name="generalSettings">Configuración general.</string>
<string name="startAtSystemBoot">Iniciar al boot.</string>
<string name="writeLogFile">Escribir un archivo protocolo</string>
<string name="wifiState">Estado wifi</string>
<string name="showHelp">Descripción</string>
<string name="rules">Reglas</string>
<string name="rules">Normas</string>
<string name="timeframes">Intervalo</string>
<string name="helpTitleEnergySaving">Configuración de ahorro de energia</string>
<string name="speedMaximumTime">Tiempo en minutos</string>
<string name="exceeds">exede</string>
<string name="dropsBelow">es menos que</string>
<string name="triggerPointOfInterest">Lugar</string>
<string name="triggerPointOfInterest">sitio</string>
<string name="triggerTimeFrame">Intervalo</string>
<string name="triggerSpeed">Velocidad</string>
<string name="actionSetWifi">Wifi</string>
@ -144,8 +132,8 @@
<string name="actionTurnWifiTetheringOff">desactivar enrutador wifi</string>
<string name="actionTurnAirplaneModeOn">encender modo de vuelo</string>
<string name="actionTurnAirplaneModeOff">desactivar modo de vuelo</string>
<string name="activePoi">Lugar activo</string>
<string name="closestPoi">Lugar mas cerca</string>
<string name="activePoi">sitio activo</string>
<string name="closestPoi">sitio mas cerca</string>
<string name="poi">Posición</string>
<string name="pois">posiciónes</string>
<string name="serviceNotRunning">Servicio not esta activo</string>
@ -190,10 +178,10 @@
<string name="locationDisabled">Localización desactivado</string>
<string name="error">Error</string>
<string name="android.permission.ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION">Determinar su posición en el contexto</string>
<string name="manageLocations">Crear p editar lugares</string>
<string name="manageLocations">Crear p editar sitios</string>
<string name="startScreen">Ventana incial</string>
<string name="positioningEngine">Metodo de localización</string>
<string name="deviceDoesNotHaveBluetooth">Este móvil no tiene Bluetooth. Puede continuar pero probablemente no va a funciónar.</string>
<string name="deviceDoesNotHaveBluetooth">Este dispositivo no tiene Bluetooth. Puede continuar pero probablemente no va a funciónar.</string>
<string name="android.permission.READ_CALL_LOG">Leer protocolo de teléfono</string>
<string name="android.permission.READ_CALENDAR">Leer calendario</string>
<string name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION">Determinar la posición exacta</string>
@ -205,10 +193,10 @@
<string name="android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS">Modificar la configuración sonida</string>
<string name="android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO">Grabar audio</string>
<string name="android.permission.PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS">Detecar llamados saliendos</string>
<string name="android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE">Detecar el estado del móvil</string>
<string name="android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE">Detecar el estado del dispositivo</string>
<string name="android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE">Leer la memoria</string>
<string name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE">Escribir a la memoria</string>
<string name="android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS">Modificar la configuración del móvil</string>
<string name="android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS">Modificar la configuración del dispositivo</string>
<string name="android.permission.BATTERY_STATS">Determinar el estado de la batteria</string>
<string name="android.permission.CHANGE_BACKGROUND_DATA_SETTING">Modificar la conexión internet</string>
<string name="android.permission.ACCESS_NOTIFICATION_POLICY">Exeder configuración no molestar</string>
@ -226,7 +214,7 @@
<string name="configurationExportedSuccessfully">Exportación completada con éxito</string>
<string name="noFileManageInstalled">No mánager archivo esta instalada</string>
<string name="cantFindSoundFile">No puedo buscar el archivo sonido %1$s, por eso no puedo tocar lo.</string>
<string name="ruleActive">Regla activa</string>
<string name="ruleActive">Norma activa</string>
<string name="triggerCharging">Batteria esta cargando</string>
<string name="triggerUsb_host_connection">USB conexión a un computador</string>
<string name="actionSetDisplayRotation">Girar monitor</string>
@ -243,7 +231,7 @@
<string name="noDevice">no aparato</string>
<string name="actionPlayMusic">Abrir jugador musica</string>
<string name="profiles">Perfiles</string>
<string name="ruleHistory">Historia de reglas (más ultimas al primero)</string>
<string name="ruleHistory">Historia de normas (más ultimas al primero)</string>
<string name="lockSoundChanges">Bloquerar modificaciónes sonidas</string>
<string name="status">Estado</string>
<string name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE">Determinar el estado de la red</string>
@ -254,7 +242,7 @@
<string name="invalidProfileName">Nombre invalido</string>
<string name="anotherProfileByThatName">Hay otro perfil con lo mismo nombre.</string>
<string name="errorActivatingProfile">Error activando perfil:</string>
<string name="executeRulesAndProfilesWithSingleClickTitle">Activar reglas/perfiles con 1 clic</string>
<string name="executeRulesAndProfilesWithSingleClickTitle">Activar normas/perfiles con 1 clic</string>
<string name="name">Nombre</string>
<string name="useAuthentication">Usar verificación de la autenticidad</string>
<string name="radiusWithUnit">Radio [m]</string>
@ -276,12 +264,12 @@
<string name="phoneDirection">Direción de llamada</string>
<string name="headphoneSimple">Auriculares</string>
<string name="headphoneSelectType">Elegir tipo de los auriculares</string>
<string name="accelerometer">" Acelerómetro "</string>
<string name="accelerometer">" Acelerómetro"</string>
<string name="gpsAccuracy">GPS exactitud [m]</string>
<string name="soundSettings">Ajustes sonidos</string>
<string name="soundSettings">Configuración de sonido</string>
<string name="settingsCategoryNoiseLevelMeasurements">Medición de ruido fondo</string>
<string name="waitBeforeNextAction">Esperar antes de la ación próxima</string>
<string name="wakeupDevice">Desperatar móvil</string>
<string name="wakeupDevice">Desperatar dispositivo</string>
<string name="textToSpeak">Text para hablar</string>
<string name="state">Estado</string>
<string name="setScreenBrightness">Poner luminosidad del monitor</string>
@ -290,7 +278,7 @@
<string name="autoBrightness">Activar luminosidad automatico</string>
<string name="setScreenBrightnessEnterValue">Inserte luminosidad deseada (de 0 a 100).</string>
<string name="autoBrightnessNotice">Si usa luminosidad automatica el valor probablemente no va a durar mucho tiempo.</string>
<string name="actionDataConnection">Datos móviles</string>
<string name="actionDataConnection">Datos dispositivoes</string>
<string name="actionSpeakText">Hablar texto</string>
<string name="selectToggleDirection">Activar o desactivar</string>
<string name="activated">activado</string>
@ -300,7 +288,7 @@
<string name="selectNoiseLevel">Elija nivel del ruido fondo</string>
<string name="selectSpeed">Elegir velocidad</string>
<string name="selectTypeOfActivity">Elija tipo de actividad</string>
<string name="selectTypeOfTrigger">Elija tipo de disparador</string>
<string name="selectTypeOfTrigger">Elija tipo de condición</string>
<string name="startAppStartType">Elija tipo de comienzo</string>
<string name="android.permission.BLUETOOTH">Cambiar ajusted Bluetooth</string>
<string name="android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN">Cambiar ajusted Bluetooth</string>
@ -312,10 +300,10 @@
<string name="parameterValue">Valor del parámetro</string>
<string name="addIntentValue">Añadir pareja intento</string>
<string name="parameterType">Tipo del parámetro</string>
<string name="phoneNumberExplanation">Puedes entrar un numero, pero es opciónal. Si quieres usar un puedes elegir un de su directorio o entrar un manualmente. Adiciónalmente puedes usar expresiónes regulares. Para testar esos me gusta la pagina:</string>
<string name="screenRotationEnabled">Rotación del monitor activado.</string>
<string name="screenRotationDisabled">Rotación del monitor desactivado.</string>
<string name="noPoisDefinedShort">No hay lugares.</string>
<string name="phoneNumberExplanation">Puedes entrar un número, pero es opciónal. Si quieres usar un puedes elegir un de su directorio o entrar un manualmente. Adiciónalmente puedes usar expresiónes regulares. Para testar esos me gusta la pagina:</string>
<string name="screenRotationEnabled">Rotación del monitor activado.</string>
<string name="screenRotationDisabled">Rotación del monitor desactivado.</string>
<string name="noPoisDefinedShort">No hay sitios.</string>
<string name="starting">inciendo</string>
<string name="stopping">terminando</string>
<string name="connecting">conectando</string>
@ -326,15 +314,15 @@
<string name="httpAcceptAllCertificatesTitle">Aceptar todo los certificados</string>
<string name="httpAcceptAllCertificatesSummary">Omitir comprobar el validez de certificados (no es una bien idea)</string>
<string name="httpAttemptsTimeoutTitle">Timeout [sec]</string>
<string name="httpAttemptsTitle">Numero de pruebas HTTP</string>
<string name="httpAttemptsTimeoutSummary">Timeout para HTTP requests [seconds]</string>
<string name="httpAttemptsTitle">Número de pruebas HTTP</string>
<string name="httpAttemptsTimeoutSummary">Timeout de HTTP requests [segundos]</string>
<string name="httpAttemptGapTitle">Pausa [sec]</string>
<string name="runManually">Encender manualmente</string>
<string name="serviceHasToRunForThat">Para este ación el servicio tiene que estar activo</string>
<string name="gpsComparison">Comparación GPS</string>
<string name="timeoutForGpsComparisonsTitle">GPS timeout [sec]</string>
<string name="muteTextToSpeechDuringCallsTitle">Silencio durante llamadas</string>
<string name="anotherRuleByThatName">Todavia hay otra regla con lo mismo nombre.</string>
<string name="anotherRuleByThatName">Todavia hay otra norma con lo mismo nombre.</string>
<string name="settingsCategoryProcessMonitoring">Monitoreo de procesos</string>
<string name="timeBetweenProcessMonitoringsTitle">Secundos inter monitoreos de procesos</string>
<string name="processes">Procesos</string>
@ -348,6 +336,41 @@
<string name="to">a</string>
<string name="matching">concordiando</string>
<string name="loadWifiList">Cargar listo de wifis</string>
<string name="noKnownWifis">No hay wifis conocidos en su móvil.</string>
<string name="android.permission.BIND_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SERVICE">Leer notificaciónes del systema</string>
<string name="bluetoothFailed">No pude activar o desactivar Bluetooth. Tiene el dispositvo Bluetooth?</string>
<string name="urlTooShort">El url tiene que tener mínimo 10 caracteres.</string>
<string name="textTooShort">El texto tiene que tener mínimo 10 caracteres.</string>
<string name="onOff">On/Off</string>
<string name="useTextToSpeechOnNormalSummary">Usar TextToSpeech en un perfil normal</string>
<string name="useTextToSpeechOnVibrateSummary">Usar TextToSpeech en un perfil vibración</string>
<string name="useTextToSpeechOnSilentSummary">Usar TextToSpeech en un perfil silencioso</string>
<string name="useTextToSpeechOnNormalTitle">TTS en normal</string>
<string name="useTextToSpeechOnVibrateTitle">TTS en vibración</string>
<string name="useTextToSpeechOnSilentTitle">TTS en silencioso</string>
<string name="positioningSettings">Configuración de buscar posición</string>
<string name="listenToWifiState">Observar estado de wifi cuando es posible</string>
<string name="listenToAccelerometerState">Observar movimiento del dispositivo cuando wifi no está disponible</string>
<string name="accelerometerTimer">Usar acelerómetro despues x minutos sin cambio de torre telefónica</string>
<string name="cellMastIdleTime">Tiempo inactivo de las torres telefónicas</string>
<string name="accelerometerThresholdDescription">Valor limite para movimientos acelerómetro</string>
<string name="accelerometerThreshold">Valor acelerómetro</string>
<string name="positioningThresholds">Posicionando valores</string>
<string name="minimumDistanceChangeForGpsLocationUpdates">Minima distancia para cambio de GPS</string>
<string name="distanceForGpsUpdate">Minimo cambio GPS [m]</string>
<string name="minimumDistanceChangeForNetworkLocationUpdates">Minima distancia para cambio de red telefonica</string>
<string name="distanceForNetworkUpdate">Minimo cambio red [m]</string>
<string name="satisfactoryAccuracyGps">Exactitud necesaria para GPS en metros.</string>
<string name="satisfactoryAccuracyNetwork">Exactitud necesaria para red en metros.</string>
<string name="networkAccuracy">Red exactitud [m]</string>
<string name="minimumTimeForLocationUpdates">Tiempo minimo para cambio en milisegundos para actualizar posición</string>
<string name="timeForUpdate">Tiempo de actualizar [milisegundos]</string>
<string name="urlLegend">Variables: Puede usar esas variables. Mientras ejecuta van a sustituir con los valores correspondientes en su dispositivo.
Incluya las paréntecis en su texto.\n\n[uniqueid] - el número único de su dispositivo\n[serialnr] - el número de serie de su dispositivo\n[latitude] - su latitud\n[longitude] - su longitud\n[phonenr] - Ùltimo número de llamada realizada tanto de salida como entrante\n[d] - Dia del mes, 2 digitos con cero al comienzo\n[m] - número del mes, 2 digitos con cero al comienzo\n[Y] - Número del año, 4 digitos\n[h] - Hora, formato 12 horas con cero al comienzo\n[H] - Hora, formato 24 horas con cero al comienzo\n[i] - Minutos con cero al comienzo\n[s] - Segundos con cero al comienzo\n[ms] - milisegundos\n[notificationTitle] - Título de la última notificación\n[notificationText] - Texto de la última notificación</string>
<string name="screenRotationAlreadyEnabled">Rotación del monitor todavia esta activado.</string>
<string name="screenRotationAlreadyDisabled">Rotación del monitor todavia esta desactivado.</string>
<string name="needLocationPermForWifiList">Se puede usar la lista de wifis conocidos para determinar los sitios a cuales estuve. Por eso el permiso locación esta necesaria para cargar la lista de wifis. Si quiere elegir un de la lista tiene que conceder el permiso. En caso contrario todavia puede entrar un nombre wifi manualmente.</string>
<string name="noKnownWifis">No hay wifis conocidos en su dispositivo.</string>
<string name="">Controlar conexiones de la app wireguard</string>
<string name="shareConfigAndLogFilesWithDev">Enviar configuración y procotolo al developer (via email).</string>
<string name="rootExplanation">Necesita permiso root para este functión. Después encenda la función \"ejecutar norma manualmente\" para presentar el permiso superuser dialogo. Es necesita elegir \"siempre permitir root para esta app\". En caso contrario la norma no puede funcionar al fondo.</string>

@ -85,7 +85,6 @@
<string name="featuresDisabled">L\'applicazione è in esecuzione in modalità limitata a causa di autorizzazioni mancanti.</string>
<string name="appStarted">App avviata.</string>
<string name="appStopped">App terminata.</string>
<string name="app_name">Automation</string>
<string name="application">Applicazione</string>
<string name="applicationHasBeenUpdated">L\'applicazione è stata aggiornata.</string>
<string name="applyingSettingsAndRules">Applicazione delle impostazioni, regole e posizioni.</string>
@ -93,8 +92,6 @@
<string name="at">il</string>
<string name="atLeastRuleXisUsingY">Almeno una regola ( \"%1$s\" ) sta usando una condizione di tipo \"%2$s\".</string>
<string name="logAttemptingDownloadOf">Tentativo di dowload di</string>
<string name="logAttemptingToBindToService">Tentativo di attivare il servizio... </string>
<string name="logAttemptingToUnbindFromService">Tentativo di disattivare il servizio... </string>
<string name="audibleSelection">Audio alla selezione di cambio schermo</string>
<string name="batteryLevel">livello della batteria</string>
<string name="bluetoothConnection">Connessione Bluetooth</string>
@ -103,7 +100,6 @@
<string name="bluetoothDeviceOutOfRange">Dispositivo Bluetooth %1$s non raggiungibile.</string>
<string name="bluetoothDisconnectFrom">Bluetooth connection to %1$s torn</string>
<string name="bluetoothFailed">Impossibile attivare il Bluetooth. Questo dispositivo è dotato di Bluetooth?</string>
<string name="logBoundToService">Servizio impegnato.</string>
<string name="cancel">Abbandona</string>
<string name="cantDownloadTooFewRequestsInSettings">Non è possibile scaricare nulla. La quantità di richieste HTTP è impostata inferiore a 1.</string>
<string name="cantMoveDown">Non posso abbassare l\'item. E\' già l\'ultimo.</string>
@ -152,7 +148,7 @@
<string name="disconnectedFromWifi">disconnesso dal wifi \"%1$s</string>
<string name="disconnecting">disconnessione in corso</string>
<string name="disconnectionFromDevice">disconnesso dal dispositivo</string>
<string name="distanceBetween">La distanza tra la posizione GPS e la posizione di rete è</string>
<string name="distanceBetween">La distanza tra la posizione GPS e la posizione di rete è %1$d metri. Il raggio minimo è +1 ma puoi aumentare.</string>
<string name="distanceForGpsUpdate">Distanza per l\'aggiornamento del GPS [m]</string>
<string name="distanceForNetworkUpdate">Distanza per l\'aggiornamento della rete [m]</string>
<string name="droppingBelow">inferiore a</string>
@ -178,7 +174,6 @@
<string name="errorReadingPoisAndRulesFromFile">Errore nella lettura di regole e posizioni dal file.</string>
<string name="errorReadingSettings">Errore nel leggere le impostazioni</string>
<string name="errorStartingOtherActivity">Errore nel\'avvio dell\'altra attività</string>
<string name="errorTriggeringUrl">Errore di indirizzamento</string>
<string name="errorWritingConfig">Errore nello scrivere la configurazione. La memoria è accessibile?</string>
<string name="errorWritingFile">Errore nella scrittura delle impostazioni.</string>
<string name="errorWritingSettingsToPersistentMemory">Errore nella memorizzazione delle impostazioni.</string>
@ -195,10 +190,7 @@
<string name="getCurrentPosition">Rileva la posizione attuale</string>
<string name="gettingListOfInstalledApplications">Sto cercando le applicazioni installate … </string>
<string name="gettingPosition">Sto rilevando la posizione. Attendere prego ...</string>
<string name="logGettingPositionWithProvider">Richiesta posizione dal provider:</string>
<string name="google_app_id">id della tua app</string>
<string name="logGotGpsUpdate">GPS aggiornato. Precisione:</string>
<string name="logGotNetworkUpdate">Rete aggiornata. Precisione:</string>
<string name="gpsAccuracy">Precisone del GPS [m]</string>
<string name="gpsComparison">Confronto col GPS</string>
<string name="gpsComparisonTimeoutStop">Fermata la comparazione col GPS per timeout.</string>
@ -256,7 +248,7 @@ Quindi, se si crea una regola che imposta il profilo su vibrazione nell\'interva
<string name="messageReceivedStatingProcessMonitoringIsComplete">Il messaggio ricevuto attesta che il monitoraggio del processo è completato.</string>
<string name="minimumDistanceChangeForGpsLocationUpdates">Minimo intervallo (im metri) per l\'aggiornamento GPS </string>
<string name="minimumDistanceChangeForNetworkLocationUpdates">Minima distanza percorsa per aggiornare la posizione della rete.</string>
<string name="minimumTimeForLocationUpdates">Intervallo minimo in secondi per aggiornare la localizzazione</string>
<string name="minimumTimeForLocationUpdates">Intervallo minimo in millisecondi per aggiornare la localizzazione</string>
<string name="monday">Lunedì</string>
<string name="moveDown">Sposta verso il basso</string>
<string name="moveUp">Sposta versol\'alto</string>
@ -296,12 +288,10 @@ Quindi, se si crea una regola che imposta il profilo su vibrazione nell\'interva
<string name="noPoisSpecified">Non hai specificato nessuna posizione. E\' necessario.</string>
<string name="noProfileChangeSoundLocked">Il profilo non può essere attivato. Rimane attivo l\'ultimo profilo attivato.</string>
<string name="noProfilesCreateOneFirst">Non è specificato nessun profilo nella tua configurazione. Devi farlo prima.</string>
<string name="logNoSuitableProvider">Non posso localizzare attraverso il provider.</string>
<string name="noWifiNameSpecifiedAnyWillDo">Nessun SSID (nome della wifi) specificato; devi inserirne uno.</string>
<string name="noWritableFolderFound">Nessun folder disponibile per salvare il file di configurazione.</string>
<string name="noiseDetectionHint">Se pensi che la rilevazione del rumore non funzioni correttamente (in base al valore specificato) considera che ogni telefono è diverso. Quindi puoi tarare il "riferimento per la misurazione del rumore" nelle impostazioni. Consulta per maggiori informazioni. È possibile utilizzare la “Taratura audio” della schermata principale per calibrare il dispositivo.</string>
<string name="none">nessuno</string>
<string name="logNotAllMeasurings">P</string>
<string name="notEnforcingGps">Permette la localizzazione da terzi e la normale ricerca del provider.</string>
<string name="notRearmingProcessMonitoringMessageStopRequested">Messaggio di mancato avvio del monitoraggio, è riciesto l\arresto.</string>
<string name="logNotStartingServiceAfterAppUpdate">Nessun servizio attivo dopo laggiornamento dellApp.</string>
@ -360,7 +350,6 @@ Selezionare su “Continua” quando si è pronti a procedere.</string>
<string name="profileActivate">Attivazione del profilo %1$s</string>
<string name="profiles">Profili</string>
<string name="radiusHasToBePositive">Il raggio deve avere valore positivo.</string>
<string name="radiusSuggestion">metri. Il raggio minimo è +1 ma puoi aumentare.</string>
<string name="radiusWithUnit">Raggio [m]</string>
<string name="readLocation">Legge la posizione</string>
<string name="rearmingProcessMonitoringMessage">Messaggio di riavvio del monitoraggio.</string>
@ -433,12 +422,10 @@ Selezionare su “Continua” quando si è pronti a procedere.</string>
<string name="selectTypeOfIntentPair">Seleziona il tipo per la coppia di Intent</string>
<string name="selectTypeOfTrigger">Seleziona il tipo di evento</string>
<string name="service">Stato:</string>
<string name="logServiceAlreadyRunning">Richiesta di attivazione sul servizio già attivo.</string>
<string name="serviceHasToRunForThat">Devi attivare il servizio.</string>
<string name="serviceNotRunning">Servizio non attivo.</string>
<string name="serviceStarted">Automation attivata.</string>
<string name="version">Versione %1$s.</string>
<string name="logServiceStarting">Avvio del servizio</string>
<string name="serviceStopped">Attività di Automation terminata.</string>
<string name="logServiceStopping">Arresto attività.</string>
<string name="serviceWontStart">Non c\'è nessuna regola. L\'attività non può iniziare.</string>
@ -513,7 +500,6 @@ Selezionare su “Continua” quando si è pronti a procedere.</string>
<string name="triggers">evento(i)</string>
<string name="triggersComment">(le attive saranno applicate in AND)</string>
<string name="tuesday">Martedì</string>
<string name="logUnboundFromService">Servizio disimpegnato.</string>
<string name="unknownActionSpecified">Azione non riconosciuta.</string>
<string name="unknownError">Errore indeterminato.</string>
<string name="until">finchè</string>

@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<string name="app_name">Automation</string>
<string name="app_name" translatable="false">Automation</string>
<string name="ruleActivate">Activating rule %1$s</string>
<string name="profileActivate">Activating profile %1$s</string>
<string name="ruleActivateToggle">Activating rule %1$s in Togglemode</string>
@ -14,28 +14,27 @@
<string name="serviceWontStart">No rules defined. Service won\'t start.</string>
<string name="serviceStarted">Automation Service started.</string>
<string name="version">Version %1$s.</string>
<string name="logServiceStarting">Starting service.</string>
<string name="logNotAllMeasurings">Don\'t have all location measurings, yet. Can\'t do comparison.</string>
<string name="distanceBetween">Distance between GPS location and network location is</string>
<string name="radiusSuggestion">meters. This +1 should be the absolute minimum radius.</string>
<string name="logServiceStarting" translatable="false">Starting service.</string>
<string name="logNotAllMeasurings" translatable="false">Don\'t have all location measurings, yet. Can\'t do comparison.</string>
<string name="distanceBetween">Distance between GPS location and network location is %1$d meters. This +1m should be the absolute minimum radius.</string>
<string name="comparing">Have both network and gps location. Comparing...</string>
<string name="logNoSuitableProvider">No suitable location providers could be used.</string>
<string name="logNoSuitableProvider" translatable="false">No suitable location providers could be used.</string>
<string name="positioningWindowNotice">If you are in a building it is strongly advised to place your device next to a window until a position has been found. Otherwise it may take a very long time if it is able to find one at all.</string>
<string name="gettingPosition">Getting position. Please wait...</string>
<string name="logGettingPositionWithProvider">Requesting location using provider:</string>
<string name="logGettingPositionWithProvider" translatable="false">Requesting location using provider:</string>
<string name="yes">Yes</string>
<string name="no">No</string>
<string name="logGotGpsUpdate">Got GPS update. Accuracy:</string>
<string name="logGotNetworkUpdate">Got network update. Accuracy:</string>
<string name="logGotGpsUpdate" translatable="false">Got GPS update. Accuracy:</string>
<string name="logGotNetworkUpdate" translatable="false">Got network update. Accuracy:</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidLatitude">Please enter a valid latitude.</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidLongitude">Please enter a valid longitude.</string>
<string name="pleaseEnterValidRadius">Please enter a valid positive radius.</string>
<string name="selectOneDay">Select at least one day.</string>
<string name="logAttemptingToBindToService">Attempting to bind to service... </string>
<string name="logAttemptingToUnbindFromService">Attempting to unbind from service... </string>
<string name="logBoundToService">Bound to service.</string>
<string name="logUnboundFromService">Unbound from service.</string>
<string name="logServiceAlreadyRunning">Request to start service, but it is already running.</string>
<string name="logAttemptingToBindToService" translatable="false">Attempting to bind to service... </string>
<string name="logAttemptingToUnbindFromService" translatable="false">Attempting to unbind from service... </string>
<string name="logBoundToService" translatable="false">Bound to service.</string>
<string name="logUnboundFromService" translatable="false">Unbound from service.</string>
<string name="logServiceAlreadyRunning" translatable="false">Request to start service, but it is already running.</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithRule">Do what with rule?</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithPoi">Do what with location?</string>
<string name="whatToDoWithProfile">Do what with profile?</string>
@ -71,7 +70,7 @@
<string name="end">End</string>
<string name="save">Save</string>
<string name="urlToTrigger">URL to trigger:</string>
<string name="urlLegend">Variables:\nYou can use the following variables. Upon triggering they will be replaced with the corresponding value on your device. Include the brackets in your text.\n\n[uniqueid] - Your device\'s unique id\n[serialnr] - Your device\'s serial number\n[latitude] - Your device\'s latitude\n[longitude] - Your device\'s longitude\n[phonenr] - Number of last incoming or outgoing call\n[d] - Day of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros\n[m] - Numeric representation of a month, with leading zeros\n[Y] - A full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits\n[h] - 12-hour format of an hour with leading zeros\n[H] - 24-hour format of an hour with leading zeros\n[i] - Minutes with leading zeros\n[s] - Seconds, with leading zeros\n[ms] - milliseconds\n[notificationTitle] - title of last notification\n[notificationText] - text of last notification</string>
<string name="urlLegend">Variables: You can use the following variables. Upon triggering they will be replaced with the corresponding value on your device. Include the brackets in your text. [uniqueid] - Your device\'s unique id [serialnr] - Your device\'s serial number [latitude] - Your device\'s latitude [longitude] - Your device\'s longitude [phonenr] - Number of last incoming or outgoing call [d] - Day of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros [m] - Numeric representation of a month, with leading zeros [Y] - A full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits [h] - 12-hour format of an hour with leading zeros [H] - 24-hour format of an hour with leading zeros [i] - Minutes with leading zeros [s] - Seconds, with leading zeros [ms] - milliseconds [notificationTitle] - title of last notification [notificationText] - text of last notification</string>
<string name="wifi">wifi</string>
<string name="activating">Activating</string>
<string name="deactivating">Deactivating</string>
@ -121,7 +120,7 @@
<string name="gpsAccuracy">GPS accuracy [m]</string>
<string name="satisfactoryAccuracyNetwork">Satisfactory accuracy when getting location via cell towers in meters</string>
<string name="networkAccuracy">Network accuracy [m]</string>
<string name="minimumTimeForLocationUpdates">Minimum time change in seconds for location updates</string>
<string name="minimumTimeForLocationUpdates">Minimum time change in milliseconds for location updates</string>
<string name="timeForUpdate">Time for update [milliseconds]</string>
<string name="soundSettings">Sound settings</string>
<string name="showHelp">Show help</string>
@ -189,20 +188,20 @@
<string name="general">General</string>
<string name="generalText">To use this program you must setup rules. Those contain triggers, e.g. if you reach a specified area or you enter a certain time. After that\'s been done click the on/off button on the main screen.</string>
<string name="unknownActionSpecified">Unknown action specified</string>
<string name="errorTriggeringUrl">Error triggering URL</string>
<string name="logErrorTriggeringUrl" translatable="false">Error triggering URL</string>
<string name="errorChangingScreenRotation">Error changing screen rotation</string>
<string name="errorDeterminingWifiApState">Error determining wifiAp state</string>
<string name="errorActivatingWifiAp">Error activating wifiAp</string>
<string name="failedToTriggerBluetooth">Failed to trigger Bluetooth. Does this device have Bluetooth?</string>
<string name="logAttemptingDownloadOf">attempting download of</string>
<string name="logErrorGettingConnectionManagerService">Error getting connectionManager service. Not doing anything to UsbTethering.</string>
<string name="logErrorDeterminingCurrentUsbTetheringState">Error determining current UsbTethering state.</string>
<string name="logDetectingTetherableUsbInterface">Detecting tetherable usb interface.</string>
<string name="logClearingBothLocationListeners">Clearing both location listeners.</string>
<string name="logStartingServiceAfterAppUpdate">Starting service after app update.</string>
<string name="logNotStartingServiceAfterAppUpdate">Not starting service after app update.</string>
<string name="logStartingServiceAtPhoneBoot">Starting service at phone boot.</string>
<string name="logNotStartingServiceAtPhoneBoot">Not starting service at phone boot.</string>
<string name="logAttemptingDownloadOf" translatable="false">attempting download of</string>
<string name="logErrorGettingConnectionManagerService" translatable="false">Error getting connectionManager service. Not doing anything to UsbTethering.</string>
<string name="logErrorDeterminingCurrentUsbTetheringState" translatable="false">Error determining current UsbTethering state.</string>
<string name="logDetectingTetherableUsbInterface" translatable="false">Detecting tetherable usb interface.</string>
<string name="logClearingBothLocationListeners" translatable="false">Clearing both location listeners.</string>
<string name="logStartingServiceAfterAppUpdate" translatable="false">Starting service after app update.</string>
<string name="logNotStartingServiceAfterAppUpdate" translatable="false">Not starting service after app update.</string>
<string name="logStartingServiceAtPhoneBoot" translatable="false">Starting service at phone boot.</string>
<string name="logNotStartingServiceAtPhoneBoot" translatable="false">Not starting service at phone boot.</string>
<string name="applicationHasBeenUpdated">Application has been updated.</string>
<string name="startServiceAfterAppUpdate">Start service automatically after app update if it has been running before.</string>
<string name="startServiceAfterAppUpdateShort">Start service after update</string>