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New versions prepared
5 days ago
105.txt New release 2 years ago
106.txt v1.6.35 2 years ago
107.txt New release 2 years ago
111.txt Enabled http cleartext traffic 2 years ago
112.txt Translations and integrated BT tethering 1 year ago
113.txt Changelogs 1 year ago
114.txt New changelog 1 year ago
115.txt Silent mode bug 1 year ago
116.txt new release 1.7.2 1 year ago
118.txt v118 1 year ago
119.txt new release prep 11 months ago
121.txt new version prep 9 months ago
122.txt new version prepared 7 months ago
124.txt Build number changed because of Google Play version 2 months ago
125.txt Bugfix release 2 months ago
126.txt New release 2 months ago
127.txt New versions prepared 5 days ago