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Behavior change in relation to rule execution - This may have an impact on your existing rules
As a cheap avoidance of multiple executions in the past the same rule would not be executed twice in a row. That is now performed more thoroughly. A rule's triggers are being monitored. At least one of them has to NOT apply to allow a further execution of the rule.
* Fixed: Infinite loop in notification trigger.
* Fixed: Crash when editing a wifi trigger
* Fixed: Objects not refreshing after config import
* Fixed: Enabled negative location coordinates (used to be forbidden unintentionally)
* Fixed: Very simple fix where trigger and action list was not readable in Dark Mode (affected only few Chinese devices). This is no full support of Dark Mode, yet.
* Fixed: Bug in Turn screen on (wake up device)
* Fixed: Bug when adding speakText action
* New feature: Time trigger can now operate reoccurring (simple)
* New feature: Toggle Bluetooth tethering (not working on higher Android versions)
* New feature: Device orientation trigger
* New translation: Dutch (credits go to anonymous)