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@ -10,12 +10,12 @@ SMS BR is not able to export this kind of messages (as of September 2021).
I didn't want to reinvent the wheel - there are already enough backup/restore apps for SMS and MMS. Instead I just wanted to make an app that was able to export the RCS messages, too. Preferably it should be a format that SMS BR could then import.
So if you're interested:
## So if you're interested:
1. Backup your SMS and MMS messages with another program.
2. Import them on the target phone.
3. Export the RCS using this app.
4. Import those on the new phone as well.
## Remarks:
- Technically the RCS will be converted to SMS messages.
- This program has only been tested with text messages. I don't know if images, etc. can be exported as well.